Winners of dorm contest announced


At the beginning of the semester, we held our second annual dorm decorating contest.  We have quadrupled the number of entries compared to last year and we are excited to reveal the winners. These students found creative solutions to cramped spaces and cinderblock walls and created welcoming environments for themselves and other students.

The contest was broken down into four categories: most homey, most colorful, most tricked out room and most creative setup. Winning rooms will receive a Target gift card to help them continue to decorate their spaces.

Senior youth ministry major Louie DeGeorge has 3 couches and over 200 video games for visitors. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Most Tricked Out Room: Louie DeGeorge

Senior youth ministry major Louie DeGeorge has taken advantage of having his own room as a resident assistant in Penn Hall.

DeGeorge’s room has not one but three couches, one of which is lofted and another which is a massive couch bed, making his room an ideal hangout spot.

In addition to his three couches DeGeorge’s room is also a gamer’s dream.

DeGeorge said his room has “10 gaming systems ranging from the original Nintendo handmade in a wooden case mod, a Nintendo 64 that lights up, all the way to the new Xbox. Over 200 games to be played. Anything from your childhood can be played in my room.”

DeGeorge’s room is tricked out even more, complete with recording equipment, allowing the room to double as a recording studio.

Most Homey Room: Paige Showalter and Amber Cutforth

Sophomore nursing majors Paige Showalter and Amber Cutforth have transformed their Heritage Hall room into a homey retreat. (Photo by Cammera Archie)

Sophomore nursing majors Paige Showalter and Amber Cutforth have transformed their Heritage Hall room into a homey retreat.

Decorated with handmade projects such as Cutforth’s original paintings with quotes from Oswald Chambers, a 3 piece hymnal piece of art and a striped wall decorated with wrapping paper and burlap, Showalter and Cutforth’s room is an inviting space, welcoming to others.

Showalter said, “We wanted our room to be a comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing spot where people feel welcome and at home. Our room will always be open for anyone who wants to talk.”

In addition, Showalter and Cutforth decorated their room with an old wooden trunk used for extra storage, fake plants and flowers to brighten the space and photos hung up with string and clothespins.

Junior nursing majors Brittany Phelps and Taylor Slauterbeck made their room into a blanket fort. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Most Creative Setup: Brittany Phelps and Taylor Slauterbeck

Junior nursing majors Brittany Phelps and Taylor Slauterbeck have turned their Blossom Hall room into a fort.

Embracing the child in all of us, Phelps and Slauterbeck have created a fun space to hang out in, complete with a snack table within their fort.

Phelps said, “Our room brings back childhood memories of fort making, only this time we get to actually live in a real fort.”

Staying true to a real fort, Phelps and Slauterbeck even have a route for a quick escape, allowing them to crawl through the crack between the beds and jump onto their futon.

Most Colorful Room: Samantha Burkhart

Samantha Burkhart, a freshman zoo and wildlife biology major, has a room exploding with life and color. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Freshman zoo and wildlife biology major Samantha Burkhart has transformed her neutral colored Blossom Hall room in a room exploding with color.

Orange is the room’s focal point; Burkhart’s room not only has an orange bedspread and picture frames, but it also has an orange couch, coffee pot and toaster.

Burkhart said, “My room shows my colorful personality and spunk.”

80% of the stuff in Burkhart’s room was found on craigslist or at flea markets and garage sales.

Her room is completed by two original paintings done by members of her family.

From the entire Aviso AVW staff, we want to thank you for all of the entries this year. Our total number of entries quadrupled, making it difficult to pick our winners. Thank you to all of our fellow students who participated!


 Hannah Finley is managing editor of The Aviso AVW.

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