Students work to pay for tuition


Many students work different jobs to afford tuition, books and buying a cup of coffee when AVI simply won’t cut it.  Whether it is pretzel making, working a cash register, coaching, or tutoring, students hold various jobs in Canton and surrounding communities.

Andrew Haney, junior communication arts major, and Marisa Lolli, sophomore early childhood education and intervention specialist major, have been working at Auntie Anne’s and Hartville Kitchen, respectively, to pay for tuition. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Andrew Haney, a junior communication arts major, has been working for two years at Auntie Anne’s, where he is a shift supervisor.

Even though Haney works an average of 18-25 hours a week, he said the job is flexible with the busy schedule he has as a student. His paycheck from there goes towards paying tuition.

“We have enough students there that we can alternate days pretty well,” Haney said.

Besides the money, there are other aspects of the job Haney enjoys.

“I like the people there a lot,” Haney said. “I like people watching; since I work in the mall you see a lot of interesting people.  I get a lot of free pretzels.  That’s how I make friends.”

This semester has been one of Haney’s busiest.

“This semester I have 17 credit hours and I’m working 18-25 hours a week,” Haney said. “This is my first semester living on campus.  I’m spending a lot more time at work than I did last year.  I wish I didn’t have to work as much so I could hang out with friends.”

Marisa Lolli, a sophomore early childhood education and intervention specialist major, has worked at Hartville Kitchen bakery for six months.

“I work the counter, run the cash register and help customers out,” Lolli said.

Marisa works 20-35 hours a week on breaks. Now that the semester is in full swing, she works about eight per week.

“Eight hours doesn’t seem like very much, but it’s my Saturday,” Lolli said. “That used to be my homework day, but you just have to go go go.”

Besides working, Lolli was just in the campus production of Our Town and is actively involved with the Chancel Players.

“I don’t sleep too much,” Lolli said.  “Sometimes it’s hard.  I just try to find the joy in everything and just think this is my life right now, make the most of it and appreciate I have a job and all these opportunities.”

Emily Gahagan, a junior early childhood education intervention specialist major, has spent the fall semester coaching volleyball at her alma mater Southeast High School.

“I want to eventually be a coach, and I eventually want to get a teaching job at Southeast, so I thought that would give me good input,” Gahagan said.

Gahagan puts about 12 hours a week into being a JV volleyball coach.

“I think early in the semester it’s easier because I’m just now getting into my routine and all my big projects are due,” Gahagan said. “I balance it pretty well.”

Danielle Tran, a sophomore zoo and wildlife biology major, works at America Reads, a work study program offered on campus. In total, Tran works about 8 hours a week.

“I tutor kids who are in first grade through sixth grade,” Tran said.

Tran works because those biology lab manuals aren’t going to come cheap.

“It’s going to go towards books, I’m sure. . .we have lab manuals that are over $100 and you can’s sell them back,” Tran said.


 Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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