Honors program throws ‘killer’ party


Women in flapper dresses decorated with pearls and feather headbands and men in dress shirts gather in a circle next to trays of appetizers and bottles of sparkling grape juice. Those in the circle disperse to start two hours worth of conversation, pick-pocketing and murder.

The students of the honors program held a murder mystery party at the home of Joel Soza, associate professor of biblical studies, on November 8, giving the students a different way to interact outside of the classroom.

The honors program students held a murder mystery party on November 8th. (Photo courtesy of Avery Linn)

The event was held at Soza’s home because it provided the space and the setup needed for playing the murder mystery game, since most mystery games require multiple rooms in a close proximity.

“Classrooms aren’t really the right feel at all,” said Avery Linn, senior bible and theology major.

The game had to be purchased, which included the character pamphlets, a host guide and riddles for the weapons. Each player received a pamphlet which allowed them insight on their relationships with the other characters, as well as their own secrets and motives.

The 1920s-themed costumes, the intricate character relationships, and the race to solve a murder made for a night of fun.

“It was a great way to meet some of the honors students from different years,” said Alexis Kreiner, sophomore communication arts major. “It was a fun and easy way to break the ice with people.”

“I think it ended up as we expected it to,” said Josh Campbell, sophomore math and computer science major. “There was a fairly good representation of every class.”

Each month the honors program tries to get together and do something outside the classroom.

“We believe scholarship and academia are best done in groups,” Linn said. “This is really the fun side of that.”

After the success of the evening, the group is planning to bring back the game, perhaps as early as spring semester.


Ariel Mohn is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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