Mice appearances not a new occurrence


Within the past month, numerous students have reported seeing mice in Mitchell and Regula Halls.

“Every year this time, on a seasonal basis, all kinds of things start to try and squeeze through warm spaces from the outside,” said Jim Palone, director of the physical plant. “A mouse can squeeze through a quarter inch opening, so it doesn’t take much for it to get inside.”

Within the past month, numerous students have reported seeing mice in Mitchell and Regula Halls. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

This is not something that is happening for the first time, but it does not make the experience for students any more enjoyable. Some students are afraid of mice and the thought that they can slide through small cracks scares them.

“I’ve seen mice outside of Regula Hall before, and it seemed like they were running outside from inside the building,” said Hope Samblanet, junior communication arts major. “It was really unsettling.”

There are other students who are surprised to see mice inside and who were not aware that this is a recurring problem each fall.

“I saw a small mouse in Regula Café,” said Matt Shoup, sophomore communication arts major. “It scurried down the hallway of Mitchell and I chased it out the doors. It was not something I was expecting to see in a Malone building.”

However, students concerned about seeing Mice in Mitchell Hall or Regula Hall should not worry.

“Malone has a pest control team under contract that routinely treats buildings,” Palone said. “Plus, our service and grounds department reacts and responds to calls about rodent issues.”

Approximately four weeks ago, the presence of mice in Mitchell Hall was reported, and the service and grounds department set up traps and bait for the mice. They caught mice regularly for three weeks, but last week they did not see or catch any mice. Palone is hopeful that they got most of the mice out of the building.

“We think we got them down, but it is hard to be sure,” Palone said.

Palone said that the mouse activity has not increased compared to past years. This is a common problem in most buildings in areas with high populations of rodents. Palone said they are working on finding the places where the mice enter.

As a precaution, students should consider putting their food in Tupperware or other containers mice cannot chew through.

If students see any mice activity on campus, they should report it to the Physical Plant at (330) 471-8257.


Jon Crabbs is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.


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