OPINION: Dress classy, not trashy


I’m a people watcher. When I am people watching, I try to notice the little things about them—how they move, how they interact with other people—but the easiest thing of all to notice is how they dress.

Kaylee Riley is a junior communication arts major. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

What a person wears is more visible than anything else about them. I can’t visibly see a person’s personality, but I can see what they are wearing, and that reflects who they are as well.

There are many people on this campus who, in my opinion, don’t know the first thing about getting dressed in the morning. There have been some unfortunate trends in the clothes people are wearing.

Wearing leggings or even pantyhose (yes, I have seen people wearing them on campus) as pants is quite unattractive. I don’t want to see the underwear of other girls, and neither does anyone else.

Ladies, pants should not show your underwear. Pants should not be suctioned so tightly to your legs that every outline of your body can be seen. And yoga pants are only pants if you are doing yoga.

If anyone is still struggling to understand what constitutes as pants, here’s a diagram to help you.

I would like to also inform the women of this campus that lace is not a solid. Everyone can see right through it. Ladies, if you choose to wear a lace top, please wear something underneath.

While I’m critiquing women’s tops, if you need to hold your neckline in place when you bend over, the shirt is probably too low.

Men, please pull up your pants. It’s not that difficult to buy pants in the right size. If you have to take extra long strides to keep your pants up while walking, you aren’t wearing them right.

Also, I understand sweat pants are comfortable, but please don’t make them everyday attire. It looks lazy.

I’m not asking everyone on campus to wear turtlenecks and long skirts. I’m asking that we dress modestly, but we can still be classy. Just because society and modern fashion shows us to dress a certain way does not mean it is the right way to dress.

We are in college to become young professionals, so shouldn’t we try to be professional through how we dress too? We don’t have to wear suits to class, but dressing more modestly will make people want to respect us more.

After we graduate and get “real world” jobs, we can’t wear yoga pants to work. We will be expected to dress in a professional, modest manner.

And shouldn’t we want to dress better from a Christian perspective as well? As children of God, we should have higher respect for ourselves than to show off our bodies.

So please, dress classy, not trashy.


 Kaylee Riley is the news editor for The Aviso AVW.

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