Q&A with director of counseling center Tim Morber


Director of counseling center Tim Morber has been a counselor at Malone for the past nine years. Before helping Malone students, Morber had 18 years of experience working in community mental health. He enjoys the students and learns from them. His office is on the third floor of the Barn. If you need to make an appointment with Morber, you can do so on the Malone website.

Tim Morber has been the director of counselor here at Malone since 2005. (photo by Cammera Archie)

Aviso: What brought you to Malone?

Morber: My wife was actually looking to get her masters degree. She went onto the website and clicked onto the careers tab. She saw there was a position here and said, “Hey you’ve always been interested in working in a college setting.” So she encouraged me to send in a résumé, and I did.

Aviso: Where did you grow up?

Morber: I grew up in the Akron area. I stayed local. I went to the University of Akron and then Kent State University after that. I worked in community mental health for about 18 years prior to coming here.

Aviso: What was your favorite part about growing up in the Akron area?

Morber: Back in those days, it was relatively safe. The street which I grew up on [had] some of my best friends. In the summer time we would leave the house at eight in the morning and wouldn’t get back until the street lights came on. Nobody ever had to worry about us. We didn’t have video games back in those days. We were just out playing and having a good time.

Aviso: What is one of your favorite things about the holiday season?

Morber: Well, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. For me, it’s a time to be grateful and just reflect on all the blessings that not only I’ve experienced, but my family has experienced over the years. The other part I like is that there are no gifts. It’s just good food.

Aviso: Any food in particular?

Morber: I like to try different foods. Last year, I roasted a duck in addition to having a traditional turkey.

Aviso: What do you do to decorate your house for Christmas?

Morber: I’m thinking this year, we are probably going to decorate the Saturday right after Thanksgiving. I tend to be rather low-key. We will put lights up around the porch. Plastic garland, Christmas tree and other traditional decorations in the house. It’s always a good time. I have four kids, so they enjoy the holidays.

Aviso: Are you going to go Black Friday shopping?

Morber: Not at all. I’ve never gone Black Friday shopping. I never will go Black Friday shopping.

Aviso: What is one of the most enjoyable parts about working with the students at Malone?

Morber: The students here challenge me. I probably have grown more as a counselor in the past nine years, just because college students won’t take things at face value. They question things. They challenge things. They cause me to think about things in a much different way. The other part I really like too is that college students, because most of them haven’t had much life experience, are very willing to listen and take in the information that I have to offer.

Aviso: What got you interested in psychology?

Morber: Oh, goodness. Well, I don’t know if I should say this. Here’s what got me interested in [psychology]. I’ll just be completely open and honest. I wanted to have sex. So I thought, “I’m a good Christian boy, I knew that if I wanted to have sex, I was going to have to have this within the confines of a committed marriage relationship.” So I thought, “Alright, I have to find a girl to marry me.” I had absolutely no prospects for a girl to marry. So I thought, “I have to figure these beautiful creatures out that God has created.” So I said, “How do I figure them out? Well, I will go into psychology. I will figure them out.” I got a psychology degree from the University of Akron, and that really didn’t help. So I thought, “Okay, I have to get an advanced degree now.” It worked out! I got married, and I still don’t understand women.

Aviso: Good luck with that one.

Morber: Yeah, it’s a life long process, I’ve discovered. Probably the more professional reason I became interested in [psychology] is people are just fascinating. Humans are complex. I really wanted to be able to figure out how to make a positive impact in my small world. You know, a lot of Christians say they love people. I can’t say that. I love individuals because people is too big for me. But individuals, I love to get to know people on a one-on-one type of basis. I love exploring what makes them tick, what makes them them, what drives them to do what they do.


Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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