Opinion: New housing policy


There has been much controversy on campus due to the new administration decision concerning housing for student athletes.  The revised housing policy states that “any scholarship athletes regardless of age and credit hours are required to live in University

Katie Hasebein is a senior exercise science major. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

housing. Additionally, any traditional student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.5 or has a disciplinary sanction will not be eligible to apply for off-campus housing.”

This has been upsetting for many students, including myself, because upon admission to Malone we were presumed to have the choice to live off campus our senior year.

I fully understand that living off campus is a privilege and not a right.  However, I feel if a student has put enough time and hard work into becoming a senior with good disciplinary and academic standing, this opportunity should be granted, as was originally agreed to.

Being a student athlete, I have been told that I am held to a higher standard than the average student.  My question is, why should the status of student athlete deny me the choice to live off campus?

I understand that Malone is in need of making prompt changes due to financial situations.  Nonetheless, forcing current students to live on campus is not the best way of achieving improved vibrancy and viability.

In order to grow a strong affinity for the school on campus, students need to feel in control of some aspects of their life.  I believe grandfathering in the policy will help accomplish this and in return strengthen the relationship between students and administration.

As a current student athlete, I ask that everyone who will be affected is taken into account when considering enforcing this new policy.

Check out a story explaining the new policy here.

Katie Hasebein is a senior exercise science major.


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