Cold weather leads to dorm workouts


Subzero temperatures can be destructive, causing car door handles to snap off and sheets of ice to form on busy highways, but perhaps they are most devastating in the way they obliterate any hint of motivation one may possess for getting fit in the new year. Many students express disdain for venturing out to the Wellness Center and are coming up with alternative ways to exercise in their dorms.

Senior Marshall Suplee uses a fitness ball for his core exercises. (Photo by Cammera Archie)

Marshall Suplee, senior accounting major, has had varied fitness experiences in his DeVol Hall suite dating back to his freshman year. He is familiar with the motivation drain.

“Sometimes the walk to go work out is what keeps me from working out,” Suplee said. “Instead of skipping a day, I can just do it right there in the room.”

Suplee does cardio and strength workouts along with P90X training videos.

“Be creative with the workout,” he said. “We used to make a game out of it. I think it helps a lot when there’s someone else with you—they can build you up, or make fun of you the whole time, but [it] just keeps it light, and before you know it, you’re done with the workout.

“I think that walking around in yoga pants isn’t the same as working out. It doesn’t work that way. It could be like speed-crocheting or something, just do something you love but do it really quickly. Whatever it takes.”

Leah Webb, junior nursing major, started doing dorm room workouts in Blossom Hall for both convenience and efficiency. She mostly trains with the Insanity video series. Webb said, “I think anybody can do it [Insanity]. I have built myself up to where I can do the whole thing, but like, when I first started doing the one video, I couldn’t do the whole thing. I had to take breaks and stuff.”

Wellness director Joyce Byler is supportive of P90X and Insanity, along with a program called Shaun T’s Focus T25, a 25 minute workout which Byler said “is a fantastic idea, because the average person, they just want to get it done, and anyone can gut it out for 25 minutes.”

“The cool thing about it is that it covers all major muscle groups for a strength workout, and it’s a cardio,” Byler said. “You can do it for little spurts of ten minutes or you can do it three times in a row for a thirty minute workout.”

Byler said persistence is important. “It’s just so easy to just kind of hole up this time of year and not want to do anything,” she said. “If you can just edge yourself past that point…you’re going to come out at the end of winter feeling so good if you stick with it, even when you don’t feel like it.”

Additional resources provided by the Wellness Center include a student wellness blog, found at www.malonewellness.tumblr.com, where students can find more resources, ask anonymous fitness questions and receive constructive feedback to reach personal goals.

Hope Samblanet is a contributing writer for the Aviso AVW.

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