Woolman 1 south works it out


What is something you will spend 700 minutes doing from now until spring break?  Pinteresting? Netflixing?

The girls of Woolman 1 south share the goal of spending 700 minutes working out prior to spring break.

The 700 minutes in 7 weeks is an opportunity for Woolman 1 south girls to share the goal of spending 700 minutes working out before spring break. (Photo by Cammera Archie)

Sophomore social work major Megan Lee is the RA of Woolman 1 south. Lee thought this would be a good way to encourage the girls on her floor to become more active during the winter months.

“The point of it, it’s not losing weight, it’s challenging my floor to go out and do something they might not normally do that’s active,” Lee said.

Each of the girls on the floor were given a blank schedule to hang on the walls outside of their dorm to track their progress.

“Basically the breakdown is, you do 100 minutes in a week, which turns out to be 20 minutes in five days.  You get two days off,” Lee said.

Amy Ford,  junior community and public health promotion major, is on floor leadership for Woolman 1 south.

“You can see people filling in, they did thirty minutes this day or they did sixty minutes this day,” Ford said. “I’ve seen quite a few girls that are on track for like 100 minutes each week to get up to the 700 by spring break.”

There are a lot of different ways the girls can earn their minutes, whether it is by going to the Wellness Center or doing yoga or Zumba.

“I’ve done a lot of working out with my roommate and then my other friend Jakki,” Ford said. “We work out together every Wednesday. We made it a floor event and not just an individual workout plan.”

Because not all the participants worked out prior to the challenge, there are obstacles to overcome.

“What has helped me is doing it first thing in the morning,” Ford said. “Usually, when I get up in the morning all I do is shower and get dressed.  But if you make the time in the morning to work out, you still have the rest of your day to do all your normal everyday things.”

Both Ford and Lee lived in Heritage Hall last year.  Heritage hosts a similar workout challenge requiring 500 minutes in five weeks, but Lee increased the duration of the challenge.

Bethany McConnell, a freshman early childhood education major, is one of the girls participating in the challenge.

“I just like working out,” McConnell said. “It makes me feel better about myself.  I particularly like running.  It’s a good stress reliever, and it’s the only time when I’m not actually thinking.”

McConnell worked out before joining the challenge but not on a regular schedule.

“It gives me more motivation to write it down afterward,” McConnell said.

 Casey Stevens is a staff writer for the Aviso AVW.

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