Pioneer Focus: Lyndsey Bates


Pedigree: This week’s Pioneer Focus goes to junior thrower Lyndsey Bates for recently hitting an NCAA Division II  provisional mark in the weight throw at the NCAA Division II Challenge Meet at Spire Institution in Geneva, Ohio Saturday, February  8. 

Shattering her previous school record by almost three feet, Bates is ranked 23rd in the nation for her 17.05 m throw. Bates has improved her weight throwing every week this indoor season and has made a huge impact on Pioneer’s indoor track and field this season.

Get to know the thrower from Green…

Junior thrower Lyndsey Bates is recently ranked 23rd in the nation from her recent weight throw of 17.05 m. (Photo courtesy Andy Smith)

Nickname: Bates

Q: Celebrate Valentines Day, or is it overrated?

A: People should definitely celebrate Valentines Day. Love is the most important thing people can find.

Q: Favorite dessert?

A: Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.

Q: Something you are good at besides throwing?

A: Playing Slap Jack.

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: Dogs.

Q: Snow or rain?

A: Rain.

Q: What do you put into your sport?

A: My time, heart and sweat.

Q: Going anywhere for spring break?

A: Gainesville, Florida with my track team.

Q: Something you would like to accomplish before you leave Malone?

A: Earning the chance to go to Nationals would be unbelievable. I also want to break Malone’s hammer throw record.

Q: What teammate inspires you?

A: Duke Taylor because he’s the hardest working person that I know and he’s always willing to help out and coach the rest of the throws crew. 

Q: Favorite athlete?

A: Tim Tebow.

Q: Song that describes the theme to your life?

A: “Knee Deep” by Zach Brown Band.

Q: If you could pick one superhero to be, who would it be and why?

A: Superman. He’s been my favorite superhero ever since I can remember.

Q: A country you would like to visit and why?

A: Italy! I find their culture so interesting and pictures of the country are breathtakingly beautiful. Plus pasta is the best food on the planet.

Q: Celebrity crush?

A: Tom Welling.

Q: Favorite memory about your sport?

A: My favorite memories surrounding throwing have derived from coming together as a throws crew to overcome the obstacles we have been presented with and making the most out of what we have. Spending the indoor season of my sophomore year training in “the warehouse” cultivated many hilarious stories of near death experiences. The warehouse was way too small to allow the group of wild animals that I call my teammates throw heavy objects through the air, but we made it work. This year we have been outside in the ice shanty braving the cold everyday to get better. Even the days when Malone canceled classes, team toss was outside clearing off the rings and making progress toward the GLIAC meet. The experiences I’ve had with the Malone track and field program and the memories that have been created with my coaches and teammates will last a lifetime. 

Q: If you could switch lives with one person in the world, who would it be and why?

A: Sadie Robertson! Her family is an amazing portrayal of God’s love and her work with the younger generation to seek after the Lord is inspiring.

Q: A word that best describes you?

A: Loud.

Q: Twitter or Facebook?

A: Twitter for days. I love tweeting and Jack Hazen follows me so I’m kind of a big deal ;). I use Facebook to keep up with my extended family, but other than that it’s not very interesting.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A: Living in a beach house in South Carolina, working for the FBI.


  Tina Oprean is the sports editor for The Aviso AVW.

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