Canton gets “cultured”


Downtown Canton has a new coffee shop, and students love a latte.

Located south on Cleveland Ave, roughly five minutes from campus, Cultured Coffee offers quality coffee products.

The owner, Heath Hamlin, had the idea to open the shop in the summer.

“I’ve always loved coffee,” Hamlin said. “I remember when I was three my mom would drop me off at my nana’s house. I’d get there at five thirty in the morning and I’d drink coffee with cream and sugar.”

Located south on Cleveland Ave, roughly five minutes from campus, Cultured Coffee offers quality coffee products. (Photo courtesy of culturedcoffeeco.com)

Hamlin dropped out of classes at Kent State to pursue opening his own business.

“That’s all it takes to get the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had: fresh, and make it right,” Hamlin said.

Hamlin had 2 weeks to come up with a name for his business.

“I knew I wanted to do something similar with the mustache, monocle, and the hat so we got that logo,” Hamlin said.

When he saw the company who supplies cruising caps offered a mustache option it was fate.

“I was like, ‘Hold the phone…they have mustaches!,'” Hamlin said. “I ordered 3000 of them.”

Students have been posting Instagram pictures of themselves with the mustaches while enjoying the new coffee shop.

“We sold out of them, I used them all, which means I sold 3000 cups of coffee,” Hamlin said.

Annette and James Hamlin, both Malone alumni, help their son with his newly opened coffee shop.

“We want to provide a wonderful product, we want to provide an atmosphere where people can relax,” James Hamlin said. “We also want the facility and the atmosphere to be reflective of the arts district down here.”

Both of them have noticed many Malone students getting their caffeine fix at Cultured Coffee.

“The more people that come here, the more people that Instagram and Facebook, so it just seems that it’s catching on,” Annette Hamlin said.

James and Annette Hamlin both took barista lessons before the store opened.

“A lot of other coffee shops will over roast their beans so they last longer—have a longer shelf life,” James Hamlin said. “Ours aren’t like that.  If we don’t use them in three [hours], they go in the trash.  The beans are fresh, once we grind it. We brew it within a couple hours.”

Anna Gensimore, a junior creative writing major, particularly enjoyed her visit to the newly opened Cultured Coffee.

“I saw some things about it on Facebook and Instagram and decided it might be worth a shot,” Gensimore said.

Gensimore ordered a hazelnut cappuccino.

“It was just a quiet nice atmosphere for studying,” Gensimore said. “They also have really big tables, which could be good if you’re working on a project.”

Whether you are looking to finish up some homework or chat with some friends over a latte, Cultured Coffee offers a great new spot for students to relax.

“The décor is nice; it’s just very ambient and chill,” Gensimore said.

 Casey Stevens is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.


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