OPINION: Calling all Malone maniacs

When I arrived in the Walsh gym earlier this month, the women were already in the second half and I was proud to see our team climb back from a huge deficit (just ran out of time).  I was also proud to see our men’s team give 100% from start to finish in a great game.

Dr. Steve Moroney is a professor of theology. (Photo courtesy of Dr. Moroney)

I loved seeing the Malone section full of students cheering their lungs out, at times louder than the home team in their own place.  My own voice was raspy in class on Tuesday morning.  Way to go Malone!

On the other hand, when I saw the “Walsh my balls” theme plastered on t-shirts and in chants, when I saw Coach Walker have to take his attention away from the game at the end to send a peacemaker into the hostile corner, and when I saw one of our fans escorted out of the building, I thought to myself, “we’re better than this.”

Christ’s followers are called to honor him in every area of life, and all Malone fans are called to represent our university with class.

I know Coach Mishler, Coach Walker, and our players appreciate our full-throated support as they head down the stretch and toward the GLIAC tournament.

With big rematches against Walsh coming up on Thursday, I look forward to joining in cheers that are less crass and more clever. We can create a real home court advantage in Osborne Hall by supporting our team without disrespecting our opponents, being less crude and more creative.  Go Pioneers!

Dr. Steve Moroney is a professor of theology.

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