Changes made in Open Frame’s 12th year


Lights! Camera! Action! It is almost time for the 12th annual Open Frame Film Festival.

Significant changes have been made to the festival this year.

This is the first year Steven Pustay, adjunct professor of communication arts, has been in charge of the festival. In previous years, Andrew Rudd, associate professor of communication arts, headed up the festival.

One of the changes Pustay has implemented includes starting with the Open Frame Master Film Maker Serieswhere the short films have been shown.

Junior communication arts major David Carmany (far right) filmed at Walsh University for part of his first self-directed Open Frame Film Festival project. (Photo courtesy of Peter Simionides)

“This master series will be a way for students to show off their work and progress that they have made thus far,” Pustay said.

Along with the Open Frame Master Film Maker Series, Pustay put together two separate workshops: one on script writing and one on cinematography.

“The changes will definitely be helpful in helping to produce the videos,” Pustay said. “The workshops will help the students gain experience before they actually shoot [the] films, and the Open Frame Master Film Maker Series will give the students good examples to strive after in their films.”

Along with this year’s changes, Pustay is also helping his students with assembling a cast and crew members and helping them film and edit.

In his third year participating in the Open Frame Film Festival, junior communication arts major David Carmany will be heading up his own project for the first time.

Carmany has worked with Andrew Rudd in previous years, but this year will be different with Pustay in charge.

“I haven’t noticed a huge difference between Andrew Rudd and Steven Pustay running the Open Frame so far,” Carmany said. “Steven Pustay knows a lot about film and I think he’ll do a good job at running the event.”

Senior youth ministry major and first year filmmaker Jon Delker is excited about this year’s Open Frame Film Festival.

“I’ve always wanted to make one, but never really focused in until my girlfriend and I took on writing a script for a class, and now I’m trying to make it a reality,” Delker said.

Delker never worked with Andrew Rudd, but he knows that Pustay is extremely excited to be heading up the Open Frame Film Festival this year.

“He looks forward to the creativity and originality of people’s films this year, and I know he would love anyone and everyone to jump on in and join us in creating great short films,” Delker said.

The 12th Open Frame Film Festival will be on April 5, located at the Canton Place Theatre downtown.


Isaiah Smith is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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