Choose housing based on community


With the semester coming to a close and a few different housing policies coming into effect next year, choosing where you want to live (and sometimes who you want to live with) can seem a little bit intimidating.

Whittier 2 residents Courtney Whitaker, Hannah Ott, and Carlin Bickerstaff enjoy community. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Whether you are going into your second year and choosing a dorm for yourself is a new experience, or you are a junior that has decided to stay on campus your senior year, here are a couple of fresh reminders of campus life to help you figure out where you belong.

“When you’re looking for a dorm or floor to live on, I would focus more on the type of community that you would like to be a part of,” said Joel Bankert, sophomore business major. “If you’re a stickler for quiet and want to be alone a lot, then you probably shouldn’t choose a dorm like WWF or PGB. That’s just not the environment that is fostered in those dorms.”

Community is a big deal on campus and is stressed in the ideals and identity of Malone. Housing is just another way that the community of Christ is brought together to experience life together.

“DeVol has more of a growing community,” said Rhett Edwards, Resident Director of DeVol Hall. “In DeVol, every year there has been a richer, broader sense of connection between the guys as they have become more familiar with it. Relationships are built more year to year in dorms similar to this. Having a pool and ping pong table this year has brought more people out than in years past; guys feel more comfortable engaging within common space with one another.”

The community in PGB is legendary,” said John Yannie, sophomore communication arts major. “It’s one of the original buildings built when Malone

Fox 1 East and Haviland 2 West will be intentional learning communities that allow students to invest more into the campus and the local community. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Myers)

moved to Canton; it is rich in history and tradition. It has been said that there is never a dull moment in PGB. If you’re seeking interaction and a sense of a true biblical community, then PGB is for you.”

WWF has some die-hard supporters as well.

“Being the other original dorm, there is some sort of nostalgia that connects women to the past and future of Malone,” said Rachel Pelletier, sophomore communication arts major. “Who needs the fancy walls and bathrooms of the other dorms? The other girls of WWF will go through it all for you. They will stay up talking until one in the morning excited about the new boyfriend that you have, then they’ll comfort you when you realize that he was just a cute face and isn’t your true love or Prince Charming. These women care.”

There will be new housing opportunities called civic engagement floors in Haviland and WWF. These floors will be an intentional learning community that allows students to invest more into the campus and the local community.

A huge part of the process is finding a roommate or suite mates. A full room is more likely to get placed when housing decisions are being made by student development.

“You should find a friend or two to move with you, but be open to diversity in your options,” said James Talbert, ’13 alumnus. “Don’t take your whole friend group, because a lot of the time what you learn from living really close to people you really like is that it can sometimes be too distracting or even can ruin friendships.”

Donovan McDowell is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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