Andrew in Vienna makes its dreams come true


From churches to headlining shows and from covers to originals, Andrew in Vienna has had tremendous success in the music world this past year; they were recently signed by 25th Street Productions and their first EP, Night Owls, will release in just a few weeks.

The EP will debut at a release show on April 26 at the Auricle. Night Owls is a 5 track EP that the band has been working on for about a year and a half.

Andrew in Vienna consists of Chaz Stead, senior vocal performance major and lead vocalist and guitar; Luc Bohler, senior music production major and drummer; Jacob Hazlett, international business major at Stark State and lead guitar and vocalist; and Brandon Parsons, senior biology major and bass guitar player.

Despite the competition and obstacles in the harsh music industry, the band is now on the track to making the members’ childhood dreams come true.

Andrew in Vienna is releasing their first EP, Night Owls, on April 26. (Photo courtesy of Chaz Stead)

Not only did they listen to other bands for inspiration, such as Manchester Orchestra, Switchfoot, Kings of Leon, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab for Cutie; their inspiration also came from their very diverse musical backgrounds. Everyone brought something different to the table, and that really helped form the EP.

One of the most difficult parts in creating the EP, besides finding time to all meet, was getting the sounds that the members had in their heads to translate into the studio.

“John King, our producer, was a major part of this process,” Stead said. “He would come in and tell us to try things a different way  that would help create the energy that we had on stage [and] transfer into the recording.”

“They have a different kind of sound that is unique to them,” said Andrew Haney, senior communication arts major. “It is not plain or ordinary in anyway and I am very excited for their EP to be released.”

Andrew in Vienna’s music goes back and forth between really clean shimmery guitar tones with lots of sparkle and modulating delay, something that you would find in a 1960s Beatles album, to fuzz guitar tones like Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain.

On February 17, 2014, Andrew in Vienna signed with 25th Street Productions. This is a student-run record label on campus.

“Andrew in Vienna has been creating a buzz on campus,” said Jordan Steinhauser Sr., music production major and vice president of artist and repertoire for the label. “So we approached them, and we figured that we could help out each other.”

What is next for the band members? First is their release show on April 26, and after that they are playing shows for the people that supported them in their kick starter. Second, Andrew in Vienna is planning a tour to different college campuses in the fall.

Want to know more? You can stay up to date on all the band’s exciting news on its Facebook page.

Taylor Burnham is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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