2013 nursing graduates ace post-grad exam


Graduates of the 2013 nursing class passed the NCLEX with a 93.6 percent passing rate. This is significantly above the national program average for first time pass rate, which is 83.04 percent.

“That was a really strong class,” said Beth Rettew, director of the BSN program and associate professor of nursing. “They were all pretty much focused on taking the exam and doing well.”

In total, 63 students graduated from the nursing program last year.

Junior nursing major Emily Stull (front row, second from left) attends clinical with a group of nursing students. Stull plans to take the NCLEX in the summer of 2015. (Photo courtesy of Emily Stull)

After graduation, there are several steps before taking the NCLEX.

“They have to finish the program, and then they have to be given their clearance,” Rettew said. “When we get their diplomas, we send information to the Ohio Board of Nursing. They have to pay to take their licensure exam, and then they have to pay to apply to the company that does the testing. They have to process the paperwork through both the state and the testing company before they can take the test.”

Nursing graduates can then take the NCLEX when they choose.

“It depends on when they submit it,” Rettew said. “We’d like them to take it sometime in June.”

The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test. The testing experience varies based on the student’s answers.

“For some of them, if they answer the question right, it will go the next harder question,” Rettew said.  “I think we’ve been working hard as a faculty to make sure we are preparing students with the level of questions that they need to be able to understand.”

After graduation, the faculty continues to help students prepare for the exam.

“We have a set time after graduation that the students come in, and we work with them on reviewing, because they tend to forget the things they had earlier in the program,” Rettew said.

Emily Stull is a junior nursing major.

“They prepare you as soon as you start in the program to get you used to answering questions and taking the test,” Stull said.

Stull plans to take the NCLEX in the summer of 2015.

“They won’t let you take the test unless they feel you will do great on it,” Stull said.

Alumna Ann Gardner was a member of the 2013 graduating class.

“Our classes that we had to take prepared me for the NCLEX, but also for my life as a nurse,” Gardner said.

Gardner is currently employed at Akron City Hospital.

“There’s several nurses from Malone at Akron City Hospital,” Gardner said. “It’s fun to see them.”

Alumna Miriam Bonam was also in the 2013 graduating class.

“The test was nerve wracking,” Bonam said. “I know I was stressed out about it.”

Currently Bonam is employed by the Cleveland Clinic at Marymount.

Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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