OPINION: Students embody #MUpositivity


In keeping with the #MUpositivity trend that has recently circulated on social media, we asked some students to offer positive feedback about Malone. Here’s what they said:

A recent trend on Twitter, #MUpositivity, emphasizes looking at the good things about going to Malone. (Screenshot taken from Twitter.com)

“During my four years at Malone, I have really felt that the staff and professors that I’ve had have intentionally tried to connect with me, along with other students.” —Rebecca Fiecoat, senior middle childhood education major

“I am thankful for the genuine care and support from the Malone faculty. I’ve had many professors who are more than willing to pray with me after class or just talk about life’s journey and how God is moving in our lives. [I’m thankful for] the students as well, who are always willing to take time out of their day and just get to know you better and just talk to you about anything that’s going on.” —Andrew Hill, sophomore psychology major

“One thing I would have to say that Malone provided me was opportunity to grow in my gifting. . . .I really like leading worship, so it gave me opportunities to do that, whether it was at youth group outreaches, or community worship. I was able to just plug in.” —Esperanza Brown, junior Spanish major

“[Zoo and wildlife biology majors] get to have an experience really intimate, really deep learning, here. I just came back from a weekend trip going birding for my ornithology class and it was the best trip I’ve ever taken in my life. And I don’t think that any such opportunity would be available to me anywhere else. And it’s in a Christian environment and we get to learn about it and experience it and appreciate it from that worldview, and that is incredibly enriching for me.” —Corina Newsome, junior zoo and wildlife biology major

“I really like how you see a lot of the same people every day, and everyone here is really friendly. I like how the classes aren’t super big, and if you need help from a professor, it’s really easy to get help, and most of them know your name.” —Ryan Sarbaugh, sophomore integrated social studies major

“What’s really cool about Malone is the experience you get when you go here. I could pay a third of the price to go to Kent or YSU, or something like that, and not get the same experience. The professors really care about you. And everything is just different when you go to a Christian college, especially a place like Malone where everyone is really kind and really cares about you.” —Marie Davison, senior visual arts education major

[pullquote]“The thing I really enjoy about Malone is that the professors are outstanding. They really go out of their way to help students perform.” —Brett Krejci, senior exercise science major[/pullquote]

“The blueberry muffins are what’s up at breakfast. It’s all about them blueberry muffins. . . .And I think the best part about Malone is all the people, because I’ll probably be best friends with these people the rest of my life.” —Jordan McKelley, senior exercise science major

“One of the things I really like about Malone is the community that is here. You can fit in pretty much wherever—there’s something for everybody. I’m really involved in theatre, and it’s where all us misfits come together and we can just be ourselves. . . .It brings together all different walks of people.” —Patricia Rhinehart, junior communication arts major

“One thing that I really like about Malone is the fact that there are so many positive people here, just because I tend not to be the most positive person. So being in that atmosphere really turns my mood around and makes me a better and happier person.” —Nathan Thomas, junior psychology major

Hope Samblanet is the opinion editor for The Aviso AVW.

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