Q&A with content manager for publications Amber Balash


Amber Balash works for university relations and is the content manager for Malone’s website and magazine. Get to know this alumna.

Aviso: Where did you grow up?

Balash: I grew up close to here in Springfield, Ohio.

Amber Balash as she interviews a student for an article on Malone’s website. (Photo by Cammera Archie)

Aviso: Where did you attend college?

Balash: I actually attended Malone, and I graduated in 2000 with a communication arts degree focusing on journalism. While at Malone, I was an RA for my dorm, and I actually used to write for The Aviso.

Aviso: What brought you back to Malone?

Balash: After graduating from Malone, I started to work at The Canton Repository, then later I wrote for The Independent. While working for these places, I didn’t really enjoy my work, so I applied for a position here in 2001.

Aviso: What is your job at Malone?

Balash: I help edit, customize and create the website display for Malone as well as the campus magazine.

Aviso: What excites you most about Malone?

Balash: The focus on community and worship. Just knowing that Malone is a small school, it’s cool to know everyone and to come together and create a strong community.

Aviso: Any hobbies?

Balash: Being a mom for my two sons is the biggest hobby that I have. Watching them grow and learn is my number one priority.

Aviso: Do you still attend any Malone events?

Balash: I really love Air Band. Each year the talent gets better, and it’s a great show for my kids to enjoy. I also really enjoy the football games—only when it is warm, though. I like to bring my family to the game [to] see all of my coworkers and enjoy a nice day.

Aviso: If you had any superpower, what would be?

Balash: I would want the ability to feed and heal others. I think bringing others joy and helping others is the ultimate goal for me.

Isaiah Smith is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.


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