Supporting local eateries helps support the community


Is your stomach growling for some good eats?  Take a break from studying and pick from Canton’s vast selection of locally-owned restaurants!

Canton is home to over 150 different local restaurants and eateries to choose from.  There are many different types of food from all over the world to test your taste buds.  The possibilities are endless, from a classic home-style breakfast meal to a nice sweet treat for dessert.

It doesn’t take long to stumble upon a one-of-a-kind local restaurant in Canton.  Both faculty and students agree that eating in one of Canton’s local

Milk & Honey, located on Cleveland Avenue, is home to many students’ favorite ice creams. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

restaurants is one way to better serve the community around us, as well as to satisfy our stomachs.

Dr. Jacci Welling, professor of history, shared her enthusiasm for helping out local establishments.

“I think it’s important to patronize local eateries and restaurants, whether you live here permanently or not, because we’re a part of this community,” Welling said. “When we support our neighbors, we’re offering assistance to those who are right here and our money stays here, and you’ll find that the eateries that are local are going to give you a fresh taste that you are not going to get with just the standard fare that you get at the others.”

“I think it’s important for college students to help out, especially from Malone,” said Brittney Fort, sophomore integrated language arts major. “We are always taught to serve the community, and anything as simple as buying a meal from a locally-owned restaurant is serving them.”

Going to these unique restaurants gives students a chance to get to know more people and be a part of the community.

“It helps provide an atmosphere for students to get together and hang out with people who are also from the area,” said Chris Dugan, sophomore philosophy and political science major.

Students enjoy going out in order to have some study time off campus, talk with close friends and of course, munch on some tasty favorites.  Many students and faculty members have establishments that they cherish.

“My favorite restaurant is Gervasi Vineyard,” Welling said. “[It] is an Italian restaurant, and they have three restaurants there.  One of them is called Bistro.  They just opened up a new eatery called The Crush House.  Then, in the summertime, there is the Piazza which is outside.  A lot of students go to Gervasi because the grounds are just gorgeous.  I love it!”

Fort said she craves oriental cuisine.

“I really like Main Moon Chinese restaurant because it’s delicious, the service is great and they are super quick,” Fort said. “Oh, and the egg rolls!”

When students are completely stuffed, they might turn to a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone.

Dugan’s favorites are Muggswigz, a Malone hot spot, and Milk and Honey.

“I like Muggswigz because they have great coffee,” Dugan said. “I like the atmosphere and the people that work there, because I know a lot of them. Milk and Honey is fun because it’s cheap ice cream and it’s good ice cream, and that’s good for me.”

Next time you’re wondering where to eat, try one of the various local restaurants around, and give back to the community of Canton through a beloved student and faculty pastime: eating!

Sarah Diemer is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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