Symposium displays student scholarly research


Final touches on research projects are being made as students prepare to present their work at the 2014 research symposium on Saturday April 12th from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. Students from all majors and disciplines are participating in sharing their research with fellow students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The research symposium allows students to share their research with the Malone community.  (Photo of the 2013 research symposium courtesy of David Hahn)

David Hahn, associate professor of mathematics and member of the research symposium committee, has been involved with the symposium from its beginning and has advised students in the past with their research.

“The symposium is an opportunity for Malone to come together and celebrate the work students are doing on a scholarly level,” Hahn said. “We really want students to come out and see what their colleagues are doing to get a taste of what it is like on a graduate level.”

According to Hahn, there are 68 students who are presenting posters and three musical performances which will be at the symposium.

Scott Glasgow, a senior biology major, has been working on his research project since his sophomore year and presented it at the Sigma Zeta National Convention in Minnesota. He will also be presenting his research at Malone’s symposium.

Glasgow’s research focuses on a Fibonacci recursive compound model for the clean energy economy.

“I have been looking into my project since high school, but actually, I started my research my sophomore year,” Glasgow said. “It has really become my expertise.”

Senior chemistry major Jonathan Miller also presented his research at the Sigma Zeta convention and conducted his project on using computer programs to predict drug reactions in the human body.

“[The symposium] is a great experience,” Miller said. “It gives you ideas on how to do your own research. If you’re interested in learning about different things and you don’t know how the process works, go check it out.”

“Going through the process really was a formative experience,” said Chris Himes, a senior chemistry major. “I would really encourage other students to take this opportunity.”

Himes has been working on his research for the past year and is looking forward to sharing it at the research symposium.

The sciences are not the only disciplines that are being represented at the symposium. Many students have chosen to take part in research in fields such as theology and music.

Other students have decided to take part in larger groups which will present their own form of research.

Part of Opera Theatre’s production of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro will be performed at the symposium.

Darius McBride, a senior music education major, is participating in the production as a performer and is looking forward to showing everything they have been working on.

“[Opera Theatre] is a recently new program, and I would love to help others understand what Opera Theatre is and to show what it is that we do,” McBride said.

The group has been working since beginning of the spring 2014 semester and will present a scene from their completed production.

All majors and disciplines are able to participate in the research symposium. If interested in research projects, contact an advisor about possible opportunities in which to get involved in the research process.

Charley Garwood is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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