James Glasgow chosen as Sigma Zeta President Elect


James Glasgow, associate professor of computer science, was elected president elect of Sigma Zeta at a recent national convention in Minnesota.

Glasgow first became involved with Sigma Zeta when he became a faculty member in the fall of 1998.

Computer science majors Nathaniel Shaw, Brittany Anderson, and Gage Black learn from Dr. James Glasgow. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

“I was usually pretty quiet in the meetings, but two years ago I brought up an idea to honor alumni who have been really successful in science, math or computer science,” Glasgow said.  “Each chapter could nominate someone, and then we could have a plaque to present at the National Convention.”

Sigma Zeta used Glasgow’s idea to honor alumni.

“I guess that’s why my name popped up as a possible candidate,” Glasgow said.

Senior biology major Scott Glasgow is president of the Alpha Gamma Chapter, the Sigma Zeta chapter at Malone.

Scott Glasgow had no idea Glasgow, his father, was running for President Elect of Sigma Zeta.

“My dad’s always been popular in the organization, so they voted him in,” Scott Glasgow said.

Sigma Zeta members recently went to Minnesota for a research conference at Bethel University.

“The students nominate and then we take a big vote among all the attendees of the conference,” Scott Glasgow said.

“Every year Sigma Zeta has a convention, so Glasgow was recently elected as the President Elect,” said Chris Himes a senior chemistry major and treasurer for the Alpha Gamma Chapter. “Which means not this year, but the following year he will be President. He will go from President Elect, to President, to past President. It’s a three year term.”

In addition to Glasgow being chosen as president elect, four students from Malone presented at the conference. Scott Glasgow and Himes both presented research they conducted.  Scott Glasgow presented research about CO2 emissions, and Himes presented about genetics and fruit flies.

Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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