Q&A with assistant professor of biblical studies TC Ham


TC Ham is the newest addition to the theology department.  To learn more about the new assistant professor of biblical studies, we sat down to learn more about his travels and what he will be doing this summer.

Aviso: Where did you grow up?

Dr. TC Ham is an assistant professor of biblical studies. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Ham: I grew up all over! I spent my first twelve years in South Korea. I was born in Korea and raised there.  Then we moved out to upstate New York for a couple years.  I spent high school in Texas and then went to Boston for college. Then I went to China. When I returned from China, I thought I would go to seminary and go back to the mission field, but God had other plans. So here I am.

Aviso: Where did you receive your education?

Ham: My undergrad was at Boston University. My graduate programs, both my masters and doctoral work, was at Dallas Theological Seminary. I did mostly biblical studies.

Aviso: What brought you to Malone?

Ham: I am an evangelical. I believe in Orthodox Christian ideas, so the atonement of Jesus Christ, salvation through Christ alone and the authority of the Bible. There are a lot of Christian ideas that are kind of secondary nature. Like how old is the earth? Or what is the nature of hell? Those [questions] aren’t really part of the core that makes up the Christian faith. One of the things I loved about Malone was that it has an orthodox evangelical core. The department I work for—the theology department—we agree on all the important stuff, and then the rest we would disagree on.

Aviso: Have you done any other traveling?

Ham: My wife really likes to travel. We’ve been to Alaska, the Rockies and Denver. We lived in Canada for three years, just north of Calgary, which is in Alberta. I was teaching in a small Bible college in Canada.  That was kind of a unique experience. My wife is from Thailand. She used to get cold in Texas, so I took this poor woman up to Canada. Since my wife is from Thailand, we visited there a couple times.

Aviso: What’s your favorite part about working in the theology department?

Ham: There are so many! I like the people; these are just amazing people. I’m getting to know them better. This is my first year, so I’m just getting to know them. They are such genuine followers of Christ. They are so humble. Just the other day I was talking to Joel Soza, the other Old Testament guy, and he’s got stuff published in dictionaries and all kinds of stuff. He talks about his scholarship as if it’s not all that. My wife and I are getting to know the Moroneys.

Aviso: Is there a particular book of the Bible that you’ve studied a lot?

Ham: Most recently I’ve studied a lot in Job. My most recent publication was in Job. I started out focusing on the Minor Prophets. I’ve gotten more interested in wisdom literature.

Aviso: Any plans for over summer break?

Ham: I have three things I have to write. For scholars, having research and writing planned is a great thing. I’ve got a couple of things I am working on on my own. I’m going to be contributing to a book.  Fittingly, I’m writing on Old Testament peace, not just nonviolence, but seeking peace. I know it’s such a nerdy geeky thing to say, but I’m really excited about my writing projects for the summer.

Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.


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