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BLOG: Our time here is valuable and precious


On your mark, get set and go! My imaginary starting gun goes off like it does in a race and I speed through my day as if I were racing in the national championship meet. If you have ever seen me on campus, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

I speed around campus acting as if I were always late to something.  And sometimes I am like any busy college student.  But the majority of the time I am usually just rushing my day away as if it were a competition. I can relate to the campus squirrels fearlessly scavenging for acorns. Instead of searching desperately for acorns (well, only when I am not hungry), I am on the hunt for more time and more to accomplish in the shortest amount of time.

Senior sports editor Tina Oprean (right) shares her experience as a sports writer and athlete. (Photo courtesy of Bo Trusty)

I am constantly pressing the fast forward button, and by the time I am finished with my day I ask myself, “Did I actually stop and think for a minute what I was doing?”

My days usually consist of speed walking or racing to class, getting my work out in for track, working at the mall, editing for The Aviso and a hefty load of homework that waits patiently for my arrival. But recently, my life has taken a new approach in its pace.

Just last week I got up for my day, headed to school and realized that my hefty load was dwindling down. “Ready, set, AND …” there was nothing I had to mentally prepare myself for. The crazy race was coming to an end and without me noticing; my time as a senior sports editor and student athlete was wrapping up.

“When did it become time to graduate? How did I pass through April so fast without even realizing it?”

As the old saying goes, you can never have enough hours in the day. And as I sit here in disbelief that it has already been four years at Malone, I can confidently say there is truth behind that phrase.  You will never have enough years, months, days or hours to make time slow down when you are experiencing change, development and growth.

These last four years have come and gone, and when I sit back and replay the memories in my head, I realize how truly fast those moments have blazed by without me knowing it. Time caught up with me, and now that my schedule has taken a slow turn these last few weeks, it has become more evident that my time here as sports editor, student athlete, Christian and friend was more precious to me than I realized.

I had the privilege this year of being the sports editor for The Aviso while being an athlete myself. The experience has been impeccable, and it has been a huge blessing from God knowing I am in the right place.

The responsibility has taught me a great deal about true athleticism, and I do not believe I could have learned that through any race. Learning to look out for your neighbors’ needs besides your own was one of the core foundations I have learned this year in becoming a successful sports editor and leader on my cross country team.

Senior sports editor Tina Oprean has had the opportunity this year of being The Aviso AVW‘s sports editor while being a student athlete. (Photo courtesy of Bo Trusty)

Although there are many journalistic styles and ways of making a successful journalist, I believe that setting an example to your staff writers is essential. There has been nothing greater than giving other dedicated athletes a voice and listening to their unique stories and ideas.

Being an athlete myself, I can understand the time and effort those disciplined athletes all put into their work. Seeing their success published and heard brings a great deal of joy to my heart, and having willing talented writers on staff cover their success makes it that much better.

I cannot express in words how much gratitude I have towards this #COMMunity . They willingly opened up their arms to me and have taught me truth, wisdom and knowledge that will carry on to my next journey in life. I have had many falls yet have always managed to see a reaching hand there anytime I was down.

To the underclassmen: Cherish this valuable, short time that you have here at Malone. Although graduation may seem out of reach, listen to others when they say it goes by quicker than you could ever imagine.  Make your work fruitful and purposeful, and don’t always rush through the days hoping for the future. Your calling is now, here in the present. Make it worthy and make it something worth looking back on.

To my fellow senior graduate companions: Do not be fearful of what is next to come. God has prepared us with the right set of tools to write out our next journey. It has been fun here at Malone, but know that the finish line is in sight and we are ready to cross it together.

 Tina Oprean is the sports editor for The Aviso AVW.

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