Hands-on job experience gained through summer internships


Summer may be a time of relaxation, but not for everyone. Some students worked all summer at internships ranging from wildlife rehabilitation to radio station work.

Internships are not only good for credits; they also help students gain experience to help them qualify for  jobs after graduation.

Alec Roshek, senior zoo and wildlife biology major, spent his summer at an internship caring for animals. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Roshek)

According to Susie Thomas, director of university relations, Malone ranks in the top 4% of colleges and universities with positive career outcomes due to successful internships.

“We are finding internships are extremely important,” Thomas said. “They provide experiential learning while allowing a potential employer to observe the student’s abilities first hand.”

Internships do not necessarily mean bringing coffee to the head of the company all day; they involve activities that can provide important training.

Alec Roshek, senior zoo and wildlife biology major, spent his summer at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Sanibel, Florida.  He worked in multiple venues, but his favorite was the outdoor center where he handled the animals’ diets, medicine, and rehab.

Roshek, who hopes to become a wildlife researcher, said the internship taught him “proper care and [restraint] of wildlife and how to deal with the wildlife.”

Krystal Phillips, senior zoo and wildlife biology major, spent her summer as a carnivore intern at the Little Rock Zoo.

Phillips said the internship taught her “flexibility with the wildlife and how a worker has to adapt to each animal’s behavior and individual personality.”

As a carnivore intern, Phillips shadowed zookeepers and helped them with daily tasks.  She dealt with big cats, bears and small carnivores.

Zoos and reservations aren’t the only places students could be found this summer.

Matt Shoup, junior communication arts major, had two internships this summer.  He worked as an advancement intern at Pathway Caring for Children, an organization that works with foster children, and in marketing and promotions for 95.9 “The Light WMPQ,” a local Christian radio station.

“The internships gave me real world experience and it was an easy transition,” Shoup said. “They are smaller organizations, so I knew I would not be overly stressed and that they would ease me into it.”

The internships also gave Shoup the opportunity to network.

 Josey Petz is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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