OPINION: New students offer initial impressions


We asked some first year students to share some initial feelings about their college experience thus far. This is what they said:

“…My experience at Malone has been great, and I don’t say that to be clichéd. Compared to my small high school, even though Malone is a small campus, it’s just the right size for me to feel like I have different people I can hang out with every day and not feel overwhelmed.

This year’s Freshman orientation theme is taking part in the whole. (Photo courtesy of Malone Admissions)

I enjoy the responsibility that has come with being away from home. Your parents aren’t nagging you to do your homework, but if you don’t do it, your grade will suffer, so things have their own consequences.

In the field I’m studying, it seems like I am surrounded by so many successful people that it is infectious and makes me want to excel and become the best I can under their teaching.

Everyone is so inviting here; I haven’t felt uninvited by anyone or any organization on campus. It’s nice to see how many different things we can be involved in! I’ve met several very welcoming upperclassmen too, which has made my experience so far a good one. Having someone to listen and advise you because they have already gone through it themselves is very helpful!”

Desiree Hargrave, freshman music production major

“So far, college is a blast. I’m really enjoying the whole atmosphere and the independence that comes with it. I’ve lived in the same house in the same small town for my entire life, and so being out on my own—at least, to an extent—has been a real thrill. It’s like I’m finally starting to realize that I’m an adult who can make his own decisions. Of course, there are responsibilities that come along with that, and those aren’t quite as fun, but there are two sides to every coin, I suppose.

“Quite honestly, I’ve been really impressed with Malone. Of course, I don’t have much experience with other colleges, so my opinion may not carry all that much weight, but nonetheless, I am quite happy with what I’ve seen.

I’m totally loving the classes themselves. The majority of my professors are super vibrant and bring their classes to life in ways that ensure I’m intrigued. The homework that goes along with the classes isn’t all that exciting, and I’m beginning to see just a glimpse of how much time it will occupy, but it’s justified and necessary for learning, of course.

As far as the social realm goes, from the beginning many people I met were quite friendly, and I’ve really been impressed with how many not-first-years have introduced themselves to me and have proven easy to get along with. Maybe it’s just my wide-eyed freshman’s perspective where everything is dripping with novelty, but I really like it here, and if these first several weeks are any indication, I feel safe calling this my home for the next four years.”

-Isaac Brenneman, freshman creative writing major

Hope Samblanet is the feature and opinion editor for The Aviso AVW.


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