Swim coach resigns after first year


Swim coach Devin Murphy has chosen to depart from the athletics program this year. (Photo courtesy of Malone Athletics)

Swim coach Devin Murphy has chosen to resign from his position this year due to family needs.

Murphy was recently engaged before he took the job just one year ago. Murphy’s now-wife is also a swim coach who just took a promotion at her job in Florida.

“She was given a better job offer, and there was no way that she would come up here for that; [it was] just a better opportunity for us.

“It has been hard being apart from her for a whole year,” Murphy said.

Murphy has a strong background in swimming. St. Leo’s University, the school he coached before coming to Malone, had 26 NCAA Division II “B” standards and set 30 new school records while he was there.

Murphy will be going to coach at Tampa Bay Aquatics this upcoming year.

“I came to Malone because I know what it is like to swim in Division II,” said Devin Murphy. “I have an idea of what it takes to win and compete at this level, and that’s what I was looking for and have brought to the team.”

In Murphy’s one year here, the men’s team won more meets and had more individuals competitive in the GLIAC than in previous years. On the women’s side, Murphy helped lead them to one more win then the previous year and a lot closer meets.

2014-2015 Team Outlook

Both the men’s and women’s teams start with a handful of returning swimmers from last year, including its captains.

The men’s team is led by junior Hector Gonzalez and junior Evan Dickes; the women’s team is led by junior Stephanie Brookens and sophomore Marta Jankowska.

“We had an outstanding season last year,” Murphy said. “For the men’s team, I am expecting three or four of them to qualify for nationals individually with a couple relays in there. The sky is the limit for that group.”

The women also have several members with the potential to make nationals.

“There are more women-only teams in Division II, which make it more complicated for the group,” Murphy said. “But they have the talent to qualify a few individuals for nationals as well.”

Coach Murphy was the team’s motivation and helped propel the swimmers into success by pushing them to use their potential.

“Devin has been a great coach during season 2013/2014 that has known how to control the team under any kind of situation,” said junior Hector Gonzalez. “He knew how to motivate us and make everybody give their best at the pool.”

Gonzalez is one of the upperclassmen that the team counts on to step up and lead.

“The team needs of all its members in order to succeed in the dual meets, and in the big championships we need everybody in order to stick together and succeed again this year,” Gonzalez said.

Coach Murphy left a foundation for the teams and will be missed by many of the athletes.

“Devin was more than just a coach; he was a mentor and role model,” said sophomore Charis Parker. “He didn’t choose or recruit any of us, but he accepted all of us and made us better, and for that he will be missed.”

“Devin brought hard work, having a work ethic, and having fun to our team,” said senior Grant Gillian. “The same exact formula as last year will help us continue to be successful.”

“Our guys team is almost exactly the same team as last year with a few additions; with that being said we should be a team that will be in the Top 25 again this season,” said Gillian.

Losing a coach that you have grown with is a hard process to overcome. This team was young when Coach Murphy came in and has the same pieces intact that started to bring them down the road of success.

 Justin Davis is a sports writer for The Aviso AVW.

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