New life groups offer fresh opportunity


An abundance of new spiritual formation opportunities are available this semester, including many engaging life groups. In particular, life groups will give students an opportunity to get involved on a more personal level. They will offer the opportunity to ask questions in a smaller setting and get to know fellow students better.

Later this year, the Office of Spiritual Formation plans to send out student surveys as a way of receiving and responding to student feedback on spiritual formation opportunities, according to Rachel Hunka, spiritual formation program coordinator.

An abundance of new spiritual formation opportunities are available this semester, including many engaging life groups. (Photo by Charley Garwood)

“Believe it or not, we really do read every single response,” Hunka said.

One addition to the ever-growing list of life groups is called Engaging Your City: Civic Engagement In Canton, led by Ryan Palmer and Kelly Myers, the Resident Directors of Haviland and Woolman, Whitter, and Fox hall. Engaging Your City encourages students to go into the city of Canton and serve.

“We want students to be somehow engaged in the community,” Palmer said.

Whether it means serving at Refuge of Hope or becoming a part of the city life, Palmer said he wants students to think about how they spend their time here at Malone.

Another option is Kali Jobes’ life group, The War of Intimacy, which is open to women only. Jobes works for Pregnancy Support Center in Canton, and this life group is an extension of PSC’s programming for women.

Jobes said her vision for this group is for women to feel safe being vulnerable and asking questions, and that it would generally be a safe place to speak freely about the topics facing college women today. Discussion will center around healthy families and relationships.

“We hope [students] will be pointed towards Christ,” Jobes said.

A complete list of the life groups available this semester can be found here.

Cathy Weyand is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

 Hope Samblanet is the feature and opinion editor for The Aviso AVW.


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