OPINION: Resident assistants seek to be leaders, not superiors


Most people view Resident Assistants as people that look to get students in trouble. But that couldn’t be father from the truth. As a 3rd year RA, I have seen the good and bad parts of being an RA. But the main reason why I came back to the position twice is simply because of the men that I have on my floor.

I enjoy providing a safe place for people to grow into adults, and even learn from their failures, because those failures speak more to them than anything else. I have been with most of these guys for three years now, and I can honestly call them my friends.

David Kahoun, a senior youth ministry major, is the Resident Assistant of Haviland 2 West. (Photo by Charley Garwood)

Too often, I feel that RAs get described as a group of people that view themselves as better than everyone else and flaunt that in the residents’ faces. But the truth is that we aren’t better than anyone. We are just people that try to provide a godly community.

The community part of the job is what inspires me the most. I have loved providing guys with a chance to connect with other people on the floor and in the building. For me, that comes in the form of hospitality.

I am the type of guy that loves to be around people, and I try my best to include someone from the floor in something that I am doing. Just by being available for people on my floor, I feel that I make college a more enjoyable and memorable place for people to be themselves and grow.

That being said, I am an RA for the third time because I care about, and enjoy seeing people become confident in themselves and comfortable in a community of various people.

David Kahoun is a senior youth ministry major.

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