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BLOG: Intern takes a tasty tour of D.C.


For the first time, three Malone students are studying in Washington, D.C. at the same time through the American Studies Program. Throughout the semester, Suzanna Bregar, senior history major; Madi Carper, junior history major; and Kaitlyn Stump, senior history major are taking turns blogging about their

Carper couldn’t resist taking a quick selfie with her visitor’s pass in the Department of Homeland Security. (Photo by Madi Carper)

experiences studying in our nation’s capital.

Washington, D.C. is a city full of rich history and messy politics. Being here for the semester means that I get to do cool things like take an impromptu tour of the Capitol led by one of my fellow ASP classmates.

It also means that I get to visit the Department of Homeland Security for class and act like it’s no big deal. Although I tried to act cool around the security guards and DHS staff, I couldn’t help but snap a selfie with my visitor’s pass!

Possibly the most enjoyable part of being in Washington, though, is the abundance of local restaurants and bake shops.

There are food trucks parked all around the National Mall right around lunch time during the week. Who can resist a good taco from a food truck? I know I can’t!

When I’m not taking advantage of food trucks, there are places like We, The Pizza, which sells crazy-awesome pizza by the slice, and Kenny’s BBQ, a little restaurant with delicious BBQ; need I say more? Both of those are within walking distance of the apartment building I live in.

The people of D.C. love brunch. This is something we were told one of the first days of the program. After over a month of living in Washington, I can see why people want to eat brunch! It’s delicious! Most restaurants here offer a brunch menu that is much more extensive than any other meal.

Sometimes, after I grab some brunch, I can hit up the farmer’s market that is set up every Saturday and Sunday just down the road from me. This is something that many people take advantage of, especially since grocery stores are not as common in D.C. as they are in other parts of the country. It’s also a great way to relax and experience the city in a way that most people don’t get to.

Carper has visited several delicious cupcake shops in D.C., including the famous Georgetown Cupcake. (Photo by Madi Carper)

Of course, there is the famous Georgetown Cupcake located on the main drag of Georgetown. The cupcakes are so good that there is a TV show on TLC about the shop.

One of the lesser known cupcake shops is known as Sweet Lobby. That one is located less than a mile away from my apartment. As you can imagine, I spend a lot of my money there buying every single delicious flavor I can afford.

Finally, to end the food tour of D.C., there is Baked and Wired. The cupcake shop is also located in Georgetown. The cupcakes are the size of a softball. In other words, they are huge. Not to mention, they are the best cupcakes I have ever had.

What I’m telling you is simple. When you come to visit D.C., don’t go to the Capitol for your first stop; hit up a cupcake shop or a local restaurant instead. Not only will you get to hear the locals rave about their favorite flavor of cupcake or favorite meal; you will also get a delicious, sweet treat or a wonderful meal to keep you happy and energized for the full day of walking that is sure to be included during a stay in Washington, D.C.

Madi Carper is a junior history major.

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