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BLOG: Mentor aids intern in career path


Bregar is working with her mentor to learn more about jobs like those at the American Indian Museum. (Courtesy of Suzanna Bregar)

In the midst of internships, homework, and finishing up our public policy group projects, this Wednesday everyone in ASP and WJC got together with their ‘mentors for share your mentor’ night. This is a night when the students get to introduce their mentor to their clas mates. talk a little about what their mentors do, and ask their mentor one question that could help their classmates.

Each of us has a mentor that is in the field or close to the field that we plan on going into when we graduate. For our mentorships, we are to read a book with our mentor and discuss it together.

My mentor and I are reading the book Making Museums Matter by Stephan E. Weil. Weil was the one of the first people to develop the format for the way that museums work.

Instead of just placing an object on display, there is a way in which that object is cataloged and looked after to see that it is taken care of and in good condition to be on display.

This book has given me a lot of background information on how museums are set up.

My mentor has been able to help me in figuring out which part of the museum world I want to be a part of. In our meetings we have been talking about the different types of jobs that make a museum run.

Bregar’s mentor is helping her narrow down her interest so that she can discover which of the many jobs available in a museum is best for her. (Photo courtesy of Suzanna Bregar)

There are the archivist, the people who fund raise, the people in the education department, the curators, the director of the museum, and so many more. It takes so many people to make a museum run, and each of their jobs is important.

So as I keep looking into this field of study, I know that I have found my vocation.

Mentorship is for the student to have someone who has taken a path to a career that the student wants to go into; and the students here are able to ask  question and to get advice, whither it is for the future, or with what is going on in our lives now.

Suzanna Bregar is a senior history major.

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