Sax Man comes to Malone, seeks funding


For 20 years, Maurice Reedus Jr. has shared his alto saxophone talent with the Cleveland community. Reedus is considered to be a part of the downtown experience and has gained the attention and respect of local Clevelanders.

Reedus was inspired to play his saxophone by his father, a Grammy-winning musician. He turned down many job offers so he could continue playing for the Cleveland community.

Maurice Reedus Jr. has shared his alto saxophone talent with the Cleveland community for 20 years. (Photo Courtesy of Malone Public Relations)

“He’s the guy that everyone knows, but no one really knows,” said Joe Siebert, Malone alumnus and director of Sax Man, a documentary about Reedus.

Siebert took the film on as a side project, but soon it became his main focus. Once Siebert and crew began to dig into Reedus’s story, they discovered his past accomplishments. In the 1970’s, he played with “Sly, Slick, and Wicked,” one of the biggest underground soul oldies.

Sax Man sold out 7 screenings at the 2014 Cleveland International Film Festival and received Best Ohio Film and Audience Award Runner up. It also played at more than a dozen festivals across the country, winning numerous awards and receiving praise.

“This film is all done for good,” said Andrew Rudd, professor of communication arts. “It tells the truth about the world we live in and the people that surround us.”

Unfortunately, there is a major obstacle keeping Sax Man from playing around the world: music licensing. Since Reedus plays many copyrighted songs, each song must be paid for in order to release the film.

Siebert is close to getting Sax Man on Netflix. Siebert also hopes the film will soon be available in theaters, on iTunes and DVD.

Donations are being collected at to help make the film available to the world.

To promote Sax Man, Malone will be showing the film on Nov. 14. The film starts at 8 p.m. and is free to students and the community.

Kalsey Ciha is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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