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BLOG: Showing Christ’s love in the workplace


This semester in Washington, D.C. began as an academic adventure with classes and an internship to help me get work experience.

Throughout the course of a few months, however, this has become a life-changing semester that has helped me learn important life lessons. I have been thrown into the adult world where I have to work 9-5, make dinner for myself, shop for groceries, and budget my money wisely.

Carper and her friends share the unique opportunity to see a live performance at the Kennedy Center in D.C. (Photo courtesy of Madi Carper)

Along with new adult responsibilities, I have to be a student and do homework at night and on weekends. Through all the stress and business of adult and student responsibilities, I have managed to enjoy the city in a multitude of ways.

The museums are an obvious advantage of living in Washington, D.C. I am able to visit the Smithsonian anytime I want (including during my internship!) and I can go to the Library of Congress to study.

I also have the ability to go to the Kennedy Center to see the National Symphony Orchestra (in the second row!!!) and see Interstellar at the National Air and Space Museum’s Imax Theater! D.C. is full of unique things to do that make it impossible to be bored.

I have been learning all sorts of things about public policy in my classes and about museum work at my internship.

Through both of those experiences, I have learned the importance of joy and a good attitude. There have been days that I was extra tired or stressed and the last thing I wanted to do was go to class or my internship. I forced myself to have a joyful attitude throughout the day and eventually, I forgot why my day was bad or why I was so reluctant to get out of bed in the morning. Having joy included into my daily life is more important than I ever imagined it could be.

Having a joyful attitude is also a great way to spread Jesus in a workplace that may be secular. It’s a great way to show co-workers that Christians are different from others, through hard work and joyful attitudes in every situation. Living life as a Christian can mean sharing Jesus through actions rather than words. That is the lesson that has benefitted me the most throughout my time in Washington, D.C.

So, next time you feel down, smile and remember that a joyful attitude is the best way to make a bad day into an opportunity to spread Jesus.

 Madi Carper is a junior history major.

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