Q&A with Lora Wyss, professor of nursing

Dr. Lora Wyss, professor of nursing, earned her Diploma of Registered Nursing at Mercy School of Nursing in Canton. Since then, she has earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from George Mason University. She has also received her School Nurse Certificate from Ashland University and her Ph.D. in education from the University of Akron. Get to know this professor and coordinator of cross-cultural engagement.

Aviso: What classes do you teach at Malone?

Wyss: In the fall, I teach primarily community health. I take students into the community and we go to free clinics and public health places. I also teach culture in the fall and spring. I teach critical care where we take students to the intensive care unit.

Aviso: What is your favorite aspect of teaching? 

Dr. Lora Wyss is a professor of nursing, and is a prominent faculty member at Malone. (Photo courtesy of Malone promotions)

Wyss: I love clinical. I love the hands-on. I like to see it come alive with the students. In nursing we have a theory and we learn the process, and then we go practice. I think it becomes part of them.

Aviso: Tell me about your family.

Wyss: My husband Bill and I met in catechism. We have two children. Bekki will graduate in the spring from the Honors Tutorial College of Ohio University. Sarah is a sophomore at Baldwin Wallace University.

Aviso: What’s something students would be surprised to learn about you?

Wyss: I spent so much time in Washington D.C., and I ran an inner city emergency room there. We saw lots of interesting patients.

Aviso: Do you have any start-of-spring rituals?

Wyss: I am the President of Hartville Migrant Ministries Council, and that takes a ton of time because it’s a volunteer job. Trying to get the doors open [in the spring] isn’t easy. There’s the maintenance of the building and all the different programs. That is a major amount of my time.

Aviso: What is your dream vacation spot?

Wyss: Every year my family goes to Chincoteague, Virginia. That’s where you can see the wild horses on the beach. They’re everywhere. It’s a wonderful place. It’s a little more remote. They did allow a McDonald’s on the island, but it’s not very commercial. My dream is to go to Australia. I’ve been to Europe four times, but I’ve always wanted to go to Australia.

Aviso: What’s the greatest book you’ve ever read?

Wyss: The Good Nurse. It was about a nurse who was hurting the patients and why he did it. I think that’s a reality. It was this true story, and unfortunately it was a good book but very sad.

Aviso: If you could live for one day as any movie character, who would you be?

Wyss: I always wanted to be Hermione [from the Harry Potter series], and I really want her time turner. I could just think of all the more things I could get done if I knew all the things she knew and also [could] do three things at the same time.

 Alicia Meyer is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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