Animals escape from Malone’s zoo


Animals from Malone’s zoo escaped in the morning on March 31.

Spiritual Formation staff members were the first to discover the escape when they spotted a donkey in the Barn around 8 a.m.

This Donkey was originally found inside the barn. Here he is just outside Timkin where he reportedly escaped from. (Photo edited by Charley Garwood)

The Zoo Crew quickly tracked down and rescued all of the escaped animals.

“Twenty three animals escaped, but we have recovered all of them,” said Karyn Collie, assistant professor of biology. “We are still not certain about how they got out, but we believe our orangutan played some role.”

Along with the donkey and orangutan, escaped animals include three barracudas, two peacocks, a bald eagle, two red pandas, a mandrill, four guinea fowl, six flamingos and an Aldabra tortoise. President David King also found a moose in his office.

Recovering all of the animals took approximately four hours.

“I was in charge of the barracuda rescue,” said Corina Newsome, senior zoo and wildlife biology major. “We found them in the JC fountain. Nobody is quite sure how they got out of their tanks and all the way down there.”

According to Collie, security surrounding the animals will be increased. Special locks will be put on doors that will keep the animals in and will keep unauthorized people out.

The red pandas found themselves a relaxing spot in the tree just outside of Heritage Hall (Photo edited by Charley Garwood)

Jake Belair, senior zoo and wildlife biology major, coordinated the rescue of the flamingos out of trees around campus.

“It’s terrible that so many animals got out,” Belair said. “Each of those animals could have been seriously injured. We’re lucky that they were all still on campus and unharmed. The Zoo Crew acted quickly and did a great job making sure all of the animals were safe.”

Enjoy April Fools!

Kaylee Riley is the managing editor and news editor of The Aviso AVW.


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