OPINION: Give the squirrels a home!


I’m sure by now you know of the problem. The poor things, running around day and night, rain, snow, or wind, nowhere to go, little to eat. No place to call home.

The squirrels of Malone’s campus need homes, and we need to do something about it.

If you spend any time at all outdoors on campus, you’ve seen them, and you know their pain. How can we turn a blind eye to their suffering?

I think we need to take action—to help our fellow creatures—and there are several possible steps to take.

1. Build new housing 

Squirrels enjoy living the “good life” the same way we do. (Photo edited by Charley Garwood)

What are we spending our all-too-precious tuition dollars on? Furthering God’s kingdom or increasing our own comfort? I’m sure there are funds somewhere that we could repurpose and put towards a truly important cause.

2. Repurpose the Barn

I mean, does this one need any explaining? It’s a barn! Let’s help it fulfill its true purpose.

3. Practice hospitality

If neither of the above options work, I see no problem with giving the squirrels a place in our own rooms. Who wouldn’t love to care for one of these poor, shivering creatures as one of their own?

As you can see, there is no reason whatsoever preventing us from helping the squirrels that, like us, call Malone home. It’s this simple: we need to start acting like the Christians we are and lend a hand to our furry neighbors.

P.S. Guess what day tomorrow is?


 Blaire Thompson is editor-in-chief of the Aviso AVW.

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