Meet the new RDs of WWF and DeVol

Residence life has experienced some recent changes in staff. Woolman, Whittier, Fox, and DeVol Halls have new Resident Directors. Get to know the new faces on campus.

Anne Schrock, Resident Director of WWF, and her husband moved to campus from Denver, Colorado after quitting their jobs and signing up for a year of service for the Mennonite Church.

Schrock graduated from Malone in 2011 with a degree in Youth Ministry. After graduating, she


Anne Schrock and Adam Dvorak are both new RDs for the 2015-2016 school year (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

worked for three years as a resident director at Waynesburg University.

Schrock was a Resident Assistant (RA) for 2 years while in school and knew she wanted to continue working in residence life.

“I pretty much knew, like a week into being an RA, that I would really like to be a Resident Director at Malone if I could. And that dream somehow came to fruition.”

For fun, Schrock said she is always training for some physical challenge, lifting, running, and really enjoying the exercise classes here.

She also enjoys watching movies and discovering what other viewers think of them. Watching every movie that has won the Oscar for best picture is on her bucket list.

Schrock also reads and shares books in her free time.

As a resident director, Schrock likes when she can be a part of an “a-ha moment” and see a student’s perception change and grow.

“I want to create space that is safe for all students as much as possible. So, looking at that diversity for students and understanding they all are looking for a different type of college experience, and as much as possible, I want to create space for them to explore what that is, and how to make it the best experience,” Schrock said.

Her advice for students is to be thankful for the cafeteria because it’s not every day that someone does your dishes and cooks your food.

Adam Dvorak, resident director of DeVol Hall, moved from Minnesota to Ohio.

Dvorak graduated from Bethel University in Minneapolis with a degree in biblical and theological studies and history. He was a resident assistant his junior and senior year.

After graduating, he spent a year in the public school system working with elementary children with disabilities.

Dvorak realized that it was the first time he’d been out of school since kindergarten and started to miss the college atmosphere.

He particularly missed “living as a legal adult and being able to learn and dialogue with others in an environment like that.”

In the past year Dvorak was able to have temporary residence life positions drawing him back to working in residence life.


When choosing Malone, Dvorak said he liked how Malone seemed to be truly living out their statement of faith and education and making it an integral part of the way the school operates.

“I did a little research before I applied and I realized that I really appreciated what Malone is trying to do like in its mission statement.”

In free time, Dvorak likes watching movies with others and being able to discuss them after. He also likes to read, write, and spend time outdoors kayaking or golfing.

Dvorak also has a personal vendetta against the letter “q” because it’s pointless. It doesn’t do anything, and it can’t stand alone.

Josey Petz is editor- in- chief of The Aviso.

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