SAC finds new direction

Beginning fall 2015, the Student Development Office and Residence Life Office are cooperating with the Student Activities Council (SAC) to host events in a new way. SAC has previously been its own office, but this year SAC and Residence Life will be working together to bring new and exciting activities for all students to enjoy.

Stacy Utecht, resident director (RD) of Blossom Hall said, “Res Life now oversees SAC activities and is now spearheading activities around campus.”

The student activities council works to make Malone a community and to give students fun things to do after a hard day of classes and studying.

The student activities council works to make Malone a community and to give students fun things to do after a hard day of classes and studying.

Residence  Life is now taking a personal approach to reaching the student body and making their experience  enjoyable, despite a heavy workload.

Melody Scott, Assistant Dean of Community Life and new head of SAC, said Residence  Life believes in holistic development, which is made even more possible through shared experiences between students.



“Doing things outside the classroom will help the learning process, especially with intellectual needs, social needs, and emotional needs by providing a well-rounded experience for the students,” said Scott.


Students  expect to be studying, reading and writing often, so getting to know new students and doing enjoyable things can be hard to do.


SAC is a group of students and faculty who are being intentional in providing an enjoyable experience for all students. This group is committed to the holistic development of students.


Maggie Houston, co-director of SAC said, “Res Life is working with the RAs to organize floor events that coincide with SAC events, so more students are being involved, with less work for the RAs.”


An issue  that had been made apparent for some floors was the burden being placed on the RAs in terms of programming without significant student involvement. With these changes, the RAs  will not have as much responsibility for student activities.


SAC and Residence Life believe more students will take advantage of upcoming events with the cooperative approach. The increased involvement will maximize the complete Malone experience for students.


Students can take advantage of numerous activities this year, and the new partnerships will allow students easy access to campus events. The holistic approach to learning and living provides a well-rounded experience for students.


There are several activities coming up for students to take part in.


Disney/Pixar’s “Inside Out” will be shown September 18 in the quad. The outdoor film provides an easy night out without any cost to students.


The annual Davenport Derby will take place September 24. The event features dinner, decorated davenports and daring speed. Each residence hall designs and races a couch deemed unsellable by the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.


Other upcoming events include the annual Cedar Point trip and progressive dinner. SAC is also sponsoring a new pumpkin night and trip to Erie’s Splash  Lagoon.


Joshua Myers is a staff writer for The Aviso


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