Pioneer Pride: What it is, and what our fall sports are looking like

Pioneer Pride is a student led organization at Malone University that supports all of our 18 sports programs. The organization itself was founded just a few years back by Mike Terry, who also served as the President of Student Senate, as well as other areas on campus. Pioneer Pride’s mission is to get students involved with sports on campus, as well as making them aware of home sporting events, and even creating themes for home games to bring people together. Our goal is to give as much support as we can to our athletes.

Some of our bigger events that we do are various tailgates for some of the home football games, as well as the Red Sea theme for basketball, volleyball, and soccer too (but it can be used for any sport). Other themes that occur for sports games are our “white out” and” big blue sea” themes. We do aspire to bring other more

Pioneer Pride is a student led organization that supports all of our 18 sports programs (Courtesy Photo)

Pioneer Pride is a student led organization that supports all of our 18 sports programs (Courtesy Photo)

exotic themes to the table this year, as well as starting a tradition during the first basketball game of the season. Basketball games seem to get the best turn out for students because of its location in Osborne Hall, as well as our basketball programs having a history of being very good. But we would really like to see an expansion of the number of students at our other sports on campus as well.

A Fall sports brief overview:

Malone University’s fall sports have begun and it’s a great time to be a Pioneer. Our men’s cross country is at it again, being one of the top programs in the GLIAC. Cross country has had a rich history of winning, under longtime legendary coach, Jack Hazen, and it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down any time soon. Men’s soccer is looking to improve off of a season last year that didn’t go as well as we would have hoped. The team has returned many players from last year and has added some young talent that will help us in the future. Some of our big assets are goal keeper Jon Crabbs and midfielder Robbie Nemes. Malone football is also looking to improve upon another tough season in the brutal GLIAC conference, which is stacked with many top teams in the country. Starting quarterback Will Spzor is back, and many of the  offensive linemen that went down last year have come back, a big one being Brenson Ennis. Men’s golf is also in action this fall. This is another program that has had no trouble winning in it’s long history, under head coach Ken Hyland. But this is a young team now, and they will look for leaders to step up, such as sophomore Jacob English. Overall, we can expect great things from our men’s programs this fall and a lot of improvement.

Our women’s programs this fall are also looking good as usual. Like our men’s cross country team, our women’s is always just as talented, and a huge threat in the GLIAC and the rest of the nation. Malone women’s soccer team is a team I would sleep on, and the team I would choose to exceed expectations. This is a team that has been young for a few years but now has matured and grown, and the talent is definitely there. The pick-up of freshman goal keeper Leah Rauscher has been a huge help to the team, with her aggressiveness and ability in the box. As well as junior forwards Christine Najjar and Brianna Smith being huge part of the game. I’m predicting massive improvements this year in the GLIAC from this team. We also have young teams in our women’s golf and volleyball. Both teams picking up a lot of new players this year, without too many returners. Overall, looking at our women’s sports this fall, we are younger for the most part, but we are talented, and which should see some very successful seasons.

I am very excited to watch Malone University sports this year, and I’m excited to see how Pioneer Pride can contribute to them. It’s amazing to see what a difference an energetic crowd behind a team can do to their performances. We hope to deliver that this year, with Pioneer Pride leading the way!

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