$320,000 Awarded for Research

The National Science Foundation recently awarded Malone $320,000 for research and improvements by multiple departments.

Dr. Jason Courter, assistant professor of biology and one author of the grant, said, “This will develop strategic partnerships between IT personnel and academic researchers to allow technology to be used efficiently.”

$320,000 has been awarded for research and improvements  Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

$320,000 has been awarded for research and improvements (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

The grant will be used to establish a network called “Science DMZ” which allows for Malone researchers to exchange information with other research facilities. The IT and computer science departments will have access to data sets, including weather and topographical data, provided by other research institutions.

Use of the grant and the “Science DMZ” network will begin Nov. 1 and remain in place for two years. Students in multiple disciplines will have access to the data for use in their own research projects.

“I am really excited to see undergraduate computer science students partnering with students in psychology and other natural science disciplines and do research more efficiently,” Courter said.

Other academic departments will also partner with computer science students in order to gain access to a wider range of available information through “Science DMZ.”

Jim Shaffer, senior network engineer and co-author of the grant, said, “I am really excited to see these people all come together and work in an environment we currently don’t have.”

Research conducted at Malone will then enter the network to be used by other institutions. The grant represents a reciprocal relationship for the benefit of research around the nation.

Shaffer will work closely with Adam Klemann, information technology manager and co-author of the grant in maintaining “Science DMZ” and ensuring that information is being shared well. Their role includes ensuring the function and usability of the network.

Courter, Klemann and Shaffer co-authored the grant with Shawn Campbell, information systems analyst.

Joshua Myers is a staff writer for The Aviso

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