Student Spotlight: Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis, senior early childhood education and intervention specialist major, can be seen leading Student Senate as the Student Body Vice-President. Davis is also known for his exuberance in supporting the Cleveland Cavaliers and Ohio State Buckeyes. Get to know Davis here before basketball season begins!

Photo by Alicia Meyer

Johnathan Davis is Student Body Vice President (Photo by Alicia Meyer).

Aviso: What gets you excited about Malone?

Davis: Lots of things, especially the people here. I love it’s such a small campus, and everywhere you walk, you know somebody. That’s one of the best things. I love being so close with faculty members. We do have a 14:1 student to faculty ratio, and I think that’s awesome. You don’t get that at Akron or OSU.

Aviso: What is your role on campus?

Davis: Basically, I do whatever the president tells me to do. I co-lead. I’m in charge of elections, and help with the blood drive. I do a lot of little things here and there.

Aviso: What has been your most influential class so far?

Davis: Probably my education classes. Last semester I took language differences. We went into the field in an English as a second language classroom. It was difficult, but I learned a lot in the field. I had students with different ethnic backgrounds, and I just thought it was amazing to be able to teach them and talk with them. It opened my eyes to a lot.

Aviso: If you could guest star on any television show, which would it be?

Davis: “Friends.” Definitely “Friends.” I’d hang out with Joey.

Aviso: What was the best pumpkin flavored food or drink you have had?

Davis: I love pumpkin flavored stuff, and I’m going to have to say pumpkin spice lattes. I know it’s the whole white girl joke, but it’s coffee, and I love coffee.

Aviso: What is your favorite family tradition?

Davis: Every other Sunday we go to my grandparents’ house, and [Grandma] cooks a pasta meal with meatballs.

Aviso: Tell me about your dream job.

Davis: I plan on going to grad school for educational administration, so it would probably be an elementary school principal.

Aviso: Imagine you get to pick the food in the cafeteria for one day. What are we eating?

Davis: Steak you can cut nicely and eat. Potatoes and green beans would be with it.


Alicia Meyer is a contributing writer for The Aviso

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