Pioneer Focus: Christian Graves

Christian Graves is a basketball player ready to return to the court after spending most of last season injured. Graves thinks humility is an essential aspect of sports, and he lives that out in each practice. Graves averaged 12.5 points/game in the 2013-2014 season. Get to know the junior from Canal Winchester.

Aviso: What drew you to basketball?

Christian Graves is excited to return to the court this year (photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Christian Graves is excited to return to the court this year (photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Graves: I was put into the sports early on, and basketball was a passion early on, and I decided to focus on it in high school.

Aviso: If you could play on a professional sports team, what team would it be and why?

Graves: I would play NBA Basketball with the Cleveland Cavaliers because they clearly have a legitimate shot at winning a championship. It would be great to be on the Cleveland team that finally brings a championship back.

Aviso: What is your favorite family tradition?

Graves: My favorite family tradition is going to Paulding, Ohio every year. It is a great time, and I get to see family that I don’t see much because we live so far apart from each other.

Aviso: What is your go-to snack?

Graves: S’mores pop-tarts for sure.

Aviso: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned at Malone?

Graves: The most surprising thing I’ve learned at Malone is how close a community can be from top to bottom. It shows how much people care about each other.

Aviso: Who is your Favorite NBA shooter and player?

Graves: Ray Allen and Kevin Durant

Aviso: What was the toughest part of your injury last season?

Graves: The toughest part was feeling that I was letting the team down. We even had goals set for last year’s season, and I defiantly felt bad I wouldn’t be able to help us reach them.

Seth Byrd is the Sports Editor for The Aviso


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