Student Spotlight: Jake Bohrer


Jake Bohrer, junior social work major with a minor in youth ministry, is a resident assistant in Haviland Hall. Jake is known also for his ability to travel on a budget and post about it on Instagram. He may be a twin, but he is definitely his own person. Get to know him here before he takes off on his next adventure!

Aviso: What brought you to Malone?

Bohrer: My mentor went here 10 years before me, and he was a big impact in my life. I also talked to a lot of other alumni, and everybody was friendly on my visit. I just felt like it was the right place.

Jake Bohr is a Junior Social work major and resident Assistant in Haviland 3 ( Photo by Alicia Meyer).

Jake Bohr is a Junior Social work major and resident Assistant in Haviland 3 ( Photo by Alicia Meyer).

Aviso: What has been the most surprising thing about this year?

Bohrer: Every year I get excited and surprised by all the new freshmen. It gets me excited to see new students buying into Malone and falling in love with it. I live vicariously through them.

Aviso: What do you love about being a resident assistant?

Bohrer: Just being able to share life with the people in my building. I like those late-night talks. I like the random moments where you’re just laughing and having fun.

Aviso: You are a master at low-budget travel. Can you tell me about one of your adventures?

Bohrer: One of my favorites is the summer I went on a complete trip to Chicago for less than $30. Last January I backpacked through Canada, and that was my favorite. I started out in Cleveland, went through Toronto and spent a few days in Montreal. I did that for about $100 completely by myself. I got to practice my French in Montreal, and it was such a cool experience to be there in wintertime.

Aviso: What is your favorite place you have been?

Bohrer:  One of my favorite cities is Chicago, and I’ve been there four times in the last year. I’ve gone for about a dollar each time. I like the diverse neighborhoods. Every time I go, I explore a new neighborhood.

Aviso: Do you have any tips for travelers?

Bohrer: Don’t be afraid to take cheap risks. If you can find a $1 bus ticket, take it. If you can find a cheap flight on a sketchy airline, it’s probably okay. If you’re in a city, use public transportation. Just go with the flow and have a good time. You don’t always have to choose the most expensive option to have a good experience.

Aviso: What’s something on your bucket list?

Bohrer: I want to visit every continent, but with a maybe for Antarctica. Maybe someday.

Aviso: If you could pick a theme song for yourself, what would it be?

Bohrer: “Good Good Father” by Housefires.


Alicia Meyer is the Copy Editor for The Aviso

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