Campaign for the future: University looks to raise $25 million


Malone is beginning a capital campaign to raise $25 million over five years to enhance the student experience. The funds will create new programs, provide scholarships and cover operational expenses. These needs go beyond the standard budget.


The campaign began in fall 2014 when Gonser Gerber, a leading fundraising consultant, conducted a campus readiness study to best determine the specific needs of Malone.

Malone’s Board of Trustees then selected several projects from the report earlier in 2015.

University President Dr. David King and the Office of Advancement are at the helm of the first significant capital campaign in 10 years.


“One of the things we’re aspiring to do in the context of this campaign is to strengthen our culture of philanthropy,” King said. “It is less a culture of giving to someone in need, but more a matter of investing in a mission and the campus community living out that mission.”


Proposed academic projects include constructing a fully wired, collaborative space called a Learning Commons in Cattell Library; renovating the Johnson Center with updated classrooms and dedicated space for English programs and faculty; and purchasing 19 pianos to achieve the designation of an All-Steinway school.


Student-centered projects on the drawing board are a new quad, a synthetic turf field and track under a seasonal dome, and a new baseball stadium on campus. Plans also call for the establishment of a Center for Leadership and endowed scholarships.


The capital campaign, or “comprehensive campaign,” as it was called by Stephen Weingart, Vice President of Advancement, will be 40% endowment (scholarships and operational expenses) and 60% capital and program support.


“Our focus is to enhance the student experience,” Weingart said. “It is to also to do things that will help with recruitment and retention of new students as well; our focus is really on student affordability and experience.”


The campaign process is still in its early stages, and plans will continue to develop over the coming years.

Josh Myers is a Staff Writer for The Aviso

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