From scarves to spaghetti dinners

It is no secret that service learning trips can be expensive, but students are using creative methods to raise the necessary funds.

Katie Boor, sophomore Bible and theology and psychology double major, is participating in the service learning trip to Canton. The team, led by Anne Schrock, will partner with Lighthouse Ministries.

Katie Boor is knitting scarves to raise money for her Service Learning Trip (photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Katie Boor is knitting scarves to raise money for her Service Learning Trip (photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Boor is making scarves to raise money for the trip. Boor said each scarf requires two to five hours, and the difference depends on if she talking to others while working.

“I started making scarves last year. I’m making infinity scarves, but I can also do scarves that aren’t infinity. It just depends on what the person wants,” said Boor. “I am definitely willing to talk to people about how they want [the scarf] to be.”

Boor’s fundraising efforts will allow her to partner with Lighthouse Ministries to reach children in downtown Canton.

“We are going to be working with children and the schools, and it’s going to be over spring break, so the kids will still be in school. We’re going to stay down at the Lighthouse [Ministries] building and help out with the kids down there and get plugged into Canton,” said Boor.

Caitlyn Maholic and Stephanie Will, junior early childhood education and intervention specialist majors, are both going on the service learning trip to Italy. They are planning a spaghetti dinner at a local church to help reach their fundraising goals.

“We’re hoping to have [the spaghetti dinner] as a fundraiser if we need extra funds,” Maholic said. “If we need any more [funds], we have the option to do it. We can shorten the gap between what we have [before the dinner] and what we need.”

Both Maholic and Will have already sent out support letters asking for money and prayers.

Will said the Italy team will work with Muslim refugees primarily from the Middle East and Northern Africa. The team will work with the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center to provide food, clothing, and toiletries. According to Will, the center also provides English classes and job training for refugees.

This trip will also include evening sight-seeing.

“The refugee center is in Rome, so we will be spending our mornings in Rome. Then we’ll go all over northern Italy,” Will said.

“[We will be seeing] national museums, national monuments, historical museums and things like that. [We will be seeing] things that are vital to Italy that you won’t see anywhere else in the world,” Maholic said.

Cathy Weyand is a Staff Writer for The Aviso


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