Club Feature: Nurses Christian Fellowship

Nurses Christian Fellowship (NCF) is a nationwide organization that operates under InterVarsity. Malone’s chapter is

one of the biggest in the region as of last year. NCF aims to provide nurses with the ability to connect their faith with

other nurses and their practice.

Nursing Student listening to a student (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Nursing Student listening to a student (Photo by Kelsey Garrett)

Meetings are Mondays at 10:05 a.m. in RH 208, and those in attendance earn an SFO credit. Speakers come and share an

experience with the members to help prepare them for real-world nursing. Past speakers have included professors as

well as current nurses. Each month there is also an activity day where the members will participate in small group

exercises, like a prayer group.

The Malone chapter has a leadership team composed of five students. Elle Smith, sophomore nursing major, Caitlyn

Novak, senior nursing major, Jenna D’Angelo, junior nursing major, Brittany Brugger, junior nursing major, and Cassidy

Hatch, senior nursing major.

Smith said, “I like the opportunity that it provides to meet with other nurses and know in this profession, even though it

is very science based, we can apply faith and to know how they applied their faith so I can learn to apply mine.”


Josey Petz is the Editor and Chief for The Aviso

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