Success after graduation

A common fear among college students is not being able to find a job after college. An even greater concern can be failing to find a job related to a student’s major upon graduation.

Meaningful jobs are possible though, and many alumni find themselves using their education in exciting careers.

Antonio Turner was an exercise science major at Malone and played football and served as a resident assistant before graduating in 2015. Turner was recently hired as the Assistant Strength Coach at for the University of Maryland’s football team and uses his classroom and football knowledge each day.

Graduates wait to receive their diplomas (Photo courtesy of Alumni Relations)

Graduates wait to receive their diplomas (Photo courtesy of Alumni Relations)

“Playing football showed me what it takes to help an athlete get better because now I’m dealing with football players myself,” Turner said. “Knowing that I have experienced all that they can go through helped me see what was going to help them get better.”

Jessica Holland is also doing quite well in her career. She is a licensed professional clinical health counselor. She majored in biology and spent her undergrad years studying pre-med. She returned for the graduate program in counseling because she liked Malone’s atmosphere.

Holland’s combination of degrees speaks to her willingness to pursue several opportunities to find an exciting and fulfilling career.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things. It doesn’t mean you are going to be stuck doing it forever. It is also okay if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing when you leave Malone. You don’t have to stick with one thing. You are going to gain some valuable experience no matter what you do,” said Holland.

Holland also said extra-curricular activities and trips helped her find out what was important and were a great opportunity to try new things.

Deb Robinson, director of alumni and parent relations also graduated from Malone. She majored in elementary education and taught different elementary classes at several Ohio schools before returning to Malone.

Robinson said she thought her degree prepared her for her career and that Malone was ahead of the curb in terms of how often they were in the classroom.

Robinson said balancing additional activities such as chorale and cheerleading gave her valuable skills in time management and group dynamic s that have helped her career, and she is committed to helping alumni achieve their goals.

“One of the things I do as alumni director is ask our graduates, “How did we do? How did Malone prepare you? What do you think we could do better?” It always provides good feedback, which I pass along kindly and respectfully to everyone. Our alumni have excellent insights because they are the ones making the transition into today’s work force,” said Robinson.

Cathy Weyand is a Staff Writer for The Aviso

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