My best friend is my Valentine and other celebrations

Valentine’s Day can be an exciting day for some, dreadful for a few, and maybe just another day for others.  But what do Malone students do on Valentine’s day?

Not everyone celebrates the holiday traditionally. Matthew Barton, freshman biology student, felt quite strongly against the holiday. He not only did not celebrate it, but also would protest everything that Valentine’s Day is about.

Barton said that Christians should not celebrate this romantic holiday because of its origins in paganism.  According to Barton, the holiday was originally called Lupercalia and celebrated by the Romans.

Valentine's Day

This year’s Valentines Day will include more than typical chocolates (photo by Kelsey Garrett).

“It was full of pagan rituals, much fornication and orgies, drunkenness, and nakedness,” Barton said.

He continued to explain that it was not until later that the Catholic Church tried to make it a Christian holiday by changing its name to St. Valentine’s Day.

Even with the change in name, Barton is not satisfied.  He said this did not change the practices that occurred.  While the practices of celebration are different in appearance, Barton said it is still virtually the same.

“Today it is just a big materialistic holiday used to glean more money from people,” Barton said.  “Likely to this day it remains a day of fornication and lust.”

Barton urges Christians not to participate in any holiday rooted in such sin.

While Barton felt strongly about the holiday, other students did not share his sympathies even if they did not celebrate it in the old-fashioned way.  Kelsey Garrett, freshman social work major, said she does not really celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I change it to cheesy pickup line day,” Garret said.  “I just tell everyone I see a super cheesy pick up line.”

Andrea Maier, senior education and intervention specialist major, said she does not celebrate on Valentine’s Day either.

Maier said, “The day after Valentine’s day is the real party – clearance chocolate.”

Caitlin McPeek, zoo and wildlife biology major, said she does not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but she does celebrate Galentine’s Day the day before Valentine’s Day.

“You get with all of your single girlfriends and celebrate your friendship and being single,” McPeek said.  “If I had boyfriend, however, Valentine’s Day would be kind of nice.”

Even with Valentine’s Day being celebrated with friends, numerous people still prefer to celebrate it with a sweetheart.

Brandon Hodge, freshman pastoral ministry major, said Valentine’s Day was when he and his girlfriend first got together.  He said there is no reason not to like it and great things can happen on the day.

Kailey Sikula, junior psychology major, said it should not be a day about only romantic relationships.  “I think people should take the time to appreciate their families and friends on Valentine’s Day, not just their significant other,” Sikula said.  “Everyone deserves to be loved, especially on Valentine’s Day.”


Mollie Ridings is a staff writer for The Aviso

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