Run, Seth! Run!

After learning about his mother’s best friend’s death due to cancer, Seth Rinehart, senior exercise science major, searched for something he could do to raise awareness and funds for cancer patients. Realizing that he cannot exactly cure cancer, he searched for alternative options. Following that realization, someone told him about a program called “4K for Cancer” from the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

This is an across-country running and biking expedition that begins June 19 and finishes August 6. In order to participate in 4K for Cancer a runner must first apply and get accepted into one of the six teams either biking or running.

According to the 4K for Cancer website, all proceeds go “towards supporting the efforts and initiatives of UCF, which focuses on direct patient services.”

Seth Rinehart

Seth Rinehart, Senior Exercise Science Major, is running 4,000 miles from June 19th- August 6th for cancer awareness (photo courtesy of Seth Rinehart).

More information about 4K for Cancer is available at www.4Kforcancer.org.

4K is not four kilometers in this race. Instead, the team will run over four thousand miles collectively.

“Individually we aren’t going to be running 150 miles a day. Individually we will run anywhere from eight to 16 miles a day, but it’s in tandem style, so it’s like a relay style. You’ll always have another person you’re running with for the day,” Rinehart said.

“It’s like a half-marathon a day…for fifty days,” Rinehart said.

In preparation for the run, each participant must complete a twenty week workout plan as well as fundraise individually.

“We wake up with the sun. Literally, we wake up at 5 am. We obviously get dressed, get breakfast and then we all get in a circle and each person goes around and says who they are dedicating the day to.” Rinehart said, “That’s the part that I watched a video of, and I started crying. It hits you when you lose people to cancer. That’s the part that sucks. You start realizing ‘This could be you’.”

Cancer patients across the country have opened their homes for the team members to stay at throughout their journey.

“How many people get to say that they ran across the country and the fact that you get to raise money to help cancer patients that are our age too. This is all for people who are kids age 18-26.” Rinehart said.

Each runner must raise $4,500, however, Rinehart has set a goal to raise $10,000. He has already raised over $2,000.

“Never will I get the chance to solve some miracle protein inhibitor that might lead to a new treatment. But I can run,” Rinehart told Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

To donate, visit 4kforcaner.org/profiles/seth-rinehart. For cash or check, send to 1215 E Fort Ave, Ste 104 Baltimore, MD 21230, Attn. “Seth Rinehart,” checks made payable to Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.

“I’m running for everyone my age that can’t because they’re fighting to live. I’m running simply because I am capable. This is how I choose to help this world,” Rinehart told Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.


Angel Butler is a contributing writer for The Aviso


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