Student Spotlight: Wesley McBride

Wesley McBride, sophomore zoo wildlife major, lives in Michigan. He recently was cast as an actor for 24 hour theatre and has a collection of ceramic cats. He is a cat lover; read about him here and watch for his collection of cat shirts on campus!

Aviso: Tell us about your ceramic cat collection. Wesley McBride Cat

McBride: I started collecting them over the summer as a joke. I’m from Michigan, so my family was on a trip to the west side of the state and we walked into an antique store. There was a large ceramic cat sitting there at the front door, but it didn’t have a price tag on it. I really wanted to get it because I’m a huge fan of cats, and I thought that would be something cool to have in the dorm room. I ended up asking how much [the antique store] wanted for it, and she said seven dollars, so I was like, “Cool, I’m going to buy it.”  I bought it and it kind of became a joke with my family, so over time we found one in my basement going through my great grandma and grandpa’s stuff. Then, I got two other ones from my family.

Aviso: I hear they have funny names. What are their names?

McBride: The largest one is called Mr. Bigglesworth and then there’s a slightly smaller one that’s called Junior Bigglesworth, and then there’s a tiny one called Baby Bigglesworth. The one from my grandparents is named Ozark because they lived on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

Aviso: So, you took these cats to 24 hour theatre?

McBride: I went as a joke because I had some friends that were directing and script writing, so I took it as a joke just to go there and be funny. Then I got cast. It was a really fun experience because you had act without a big time commitment. It was a short amount of time, and I got to do something I love without putting hours upon hours upon hours of work in.

Welsey McBride Cat FamilyAviso: Is there anything most people don’t know about you that is interesting?

Wes: When I was five I was at my aunt’s house for Christmas and pictures we were getting taken. I went to go pet one of their cats and got my eye scratched by it and actually ended up with three stitches in my left eye. I had an eye patch; I was like a pirate for almost a full month while the stitches were healing. You would think I would have hated cats after that. I’m allergic to them, too. I cannot tell you why I love cats so much. I have a collection of cat shirts, too. I have at this point close to 25 different ones. I’m not really big into fashion, but I’m big into cats.


Cathy Weyand is a Staff Writer for The Aviso

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