Why Jubilee?

On February 19-21, Malone students will join various Christian colleges in attending the Coalition for Christian Outreach’s (CCO) 40th Jubilee Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. Thousands of college students and campus ministry staff gather in large group sessions that feature over 50 speakers and worship with a diverse music team.

Students can also choose to attend smaller group session workshops centered around different, specific topics. The official Jubilee Conference website describes the weekend-long event as a time for students “to talk, learn, think and dream about the public implications of their personal transformation.”

(Photo Courtesy of Linda Leon)

(Photo Courtesy of Linda Leon)

Jubilee will host speakers on topics ranging from law and politics, medicine and mission, to families or college life and “what it means to be involved in those places faithfully.”

“This is a conference essentially designed for college students, and it focuses on how to live out your faith in every area of your life,” Linda Leon, director of spiritual formation, said. “They provide workshops in all of these different areas—athletics, academics, relationships, media—as a way to try to get people to think intentionally and deeply about these things.”

Malone’s Office of Spiritual Formation has taken groups of students to the Jubilee Conference for quite some time, with numbers growing each year. They place an emphasis on the CCO’s effort to develop a conference that caters to the needs of every college student.

“This is for anybody,” Leon said. “Whether or not you’re a Christ follower or have a question about God, the Christian faith or the church, Jubilee can help you begin to answer some of those questions and explore what it would look like to have an understanding of faith that impacts your everyday life.”

So why go?

“Why not? It gets at the deep questions we all have- ‘What’s the meaning of life? What’s wrong with the world? How can the world be fixed? What place do I have in that?” Leon said. “Why wouldn’t we want to know more about that and do it in a setting that’s pretty fun? I think it’s important that you don’t miss opportunities like this while you’re in college. This is formed and shaped just for you.”

“This will be my fourth year attending,” Ariel Mohn, senior communication arts major, said. “Jubilee has been the stepping stone for really amazing experiences in my life. It encouraged me to really think about about these big picture ideas and questions and how they tie into my spiritual life.”

Mohn helps lead community worship at Malone and a local church. She participated in a workshop that appealed to this area of her life.

Mohn said, “I went to one led by a musician who presented on being a Christian in the music industry and what music has to do with our faith and that was really cool.”

Jonathan Davis, senior intervention specialist and early childhood education major, also attended Jubilee the past two years.

“It was incredible. Between the worship, the workshops, the relationships and the weekend as a whole, it was the best weekend ever,” Davis said. “It is so great to get away with a bunch of other college students and just worship and fellowship together. I loved being able to focus on something other than myself for a weekend and grow in Christ.”

Davis remembers some of the fun activities Jubilee offered in the past aside from the group sessions such as a karaoke night, exploring Pittsburgh and a huge dance party.

Davis said, “It is a really relaxing and fun weekend. You get so much out of it.”


Rachel Pelletier is a Staff Writer for The Aviso.

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